Bleach is well known for its disinfectant properties, so if you have planned a General cleaning, bleach can be your good helper. To do this, take one liter of water and dissolve in it 30 grams of chlorine. This solution will help you clean the dirt and mold even in the most remote places, it will also disinfect the surface and kill bacteria and germs.
Chlorine is also perfectly cope with the smell of urine of cats and dogs. However, keep in mindthat this method can be dangerous to the health of the animals themselves. Also, there is a perception that processed the bleach spot animals and then defecate constantly. So, in order to eliminate odors, take bleach or any chlorine-containing substance and dissolve in water in a ratio of 1:10. Now just wipe the floor with this solution. Don't forget to protect your hands before starting cleaning, always work with gloves. Also keep in mind that bleach can damage your floors yourself, so before you start treatment of flooring, test the bleach on a small and preferably inconspicuous area of the floor (otherwise there is a risk that the chlorine along with the odor will corrode the surface).
In addition, the bleach used for washing white (only white) linen. If clothes or bed linen appeared otstiryvaniya difficult spots or stains, the substance will almost certainly help. For this purpose you can buy chlorine in liquid form (in the bottle) and dilute it in water according to instructions. Then soak in this solution linen, and then wash as usual in the washing machine. Needless to say, this method is suitable only for pure white linen (without any pictures), if you use bleach on colored fabrics that the bleach will just eat away all the color.
During operation with chlorine-containing substances, always observe the precautions, because the chlorine contact with skin and mucosa can cause swelling and ulcers. If the chemical is ingested, it can cause shortness of breath, abdominal pain, shortness of breath and so on. If contact with chlorine occurs, immediately wash the skin, mucous membranes, provide free access to fresh air and consult a physician.