What to do during bronchospasm

During bronchoconstriction, you need to calm down, take yourself in hand and try to distract the child from the attack. Before performing basic medical procedures, you must investigate the cause of bronchospasm. Attack food Allergy remove by using activated charcoal or "Politeama". So was the attack caused by the body's reaction to pollen or dust, it is necessary to withdraw the child from dusty areas, close the Windows in the house to wash the baby, rinse the mouth and throat, to wash the nose.

Child put on your knees, give semi-sitting position, undo tight clothing and open Windows when Allergy to pollen. Hot foot bath is quite effective in the beginning of an attack of bronchospasm.

Then the child inhalation bronchodilator drugs, for example, "Salbutamol". In the absence of Speiser or a nebulizer, the child is given aminophylline in a dose appropriate to age.

To ease the child's condition will help warm drink. Additionally, for elimination of bronchospasm, use tools that enhance the outflow of a sputum - "Mucosolvan", "Ambroxol", "ACC", "Bad".

If all the above measures do not resolve the attack for one hour, then you must call an ambulance.

What not to do when bronchospasm

To worsen the child's condition and aggravate the allergic reaction can rubbing odorous substances, the mustard, the use of herbal teas, honey and other bee products.

It is not necessary to use drugs that suppress the cough - "Libeksin", "Pour", and antihistamines - "Suprastin", "Tavegil", because they prevent the discharge of phlegm.

Sedatives not only helps to stop the bronchospasm attack, but can worsen the overall condition of the child.

Signs indicating the termination of the attack are: no shortness of breath, smooth and noiseless breath, turning off extra muscles and wings of the nose from the act of breathing. Gradually, the child calms down, and the cough is moistened in connection with the discharge of mucus. Because bronchospasm attack could happen again, you need to watch the baby for a while.

Treatment bronchodilators drugs continued for two days, and then use expectorants, rich alkaline water. Expectoration of mucus contributes to the percussive massage of the chest. Bronchospasm attack that occurred for the first time, requires the advice of an allergist or pulmonologist.