Advice 1: How to stop coughing in a child

A strong cough is usually tormented by young children. This happens because of the peculiarities in the structure of the larynx in the area of the vocal cords. The most common cause of cough is laryngitis - swelling of the mucous membrane. Strong attacks barking cough is observed at night, especially in the acute phase of the disease (first 2-3 days). But it is not always the culprit of the cough - laryngitis, it could be an allergic reaction, or the ordinary sore throat during the period of the disease. Stop coughing in various ways.
How to stop coughing in a child
You will need
  • -alkaline water;
  • -med;
  • -butter;
  • -inhalation;
  • children's cough syrup.
If a coughing fit happened when the baby was sleeping, put him and give to drink. If the cough continues to torment, let the child walk. As a drink well suited: alkaline mineral water, a glass of water with a quarter teaspoon of baking soda, warm milk, or decoction of chamomile. These tools soften the mucosa of the pharynx, the sore goes away, the cough subsiding.
To slightly ease the cough by using honey or butter. Let the child slowly resolves a teaspoon of honey or oil. But be careful, if the baby is allergic to bee products, the condition may only get worse.
When improvement is observed, and the cough only increased, make the baby inhalation. In case of an emergency, during the period of the strong dyspnea laryngitis, quickly open the hot water in the bathroom and let the baby breathe over the steam. Also raises the humidity in the room, the respiratory tract moist and the coughing slowly stopped. You can do inhalations with essential oil of cedar. Pour hot water into a bowl and add a little oil, let the child breathe.
Children's syrups, which include a large number of essential oils that will help relieve cough. Give your child the required dose of syrup. In some cases, this method helps. But if it's not just a sore throat and a dry cough, then it is better to call a specialist. Not always possible to remove the attack at home, and dangerous to self-medicate.
If the baby was advised to be hospitalized, don't hesitate. Often banal dry cough is laryngitis, which may go into a false croup. In the acute stage the child can simply die due to narrowing of the lumen of the larynx. To facilitate state and take the child enters prednisone before arrival in the hospital. The hospital will conduct the course of treatment of the disease. And the baby will be assigned to the inhalation of special equipment.

Advice 2 : How to cure a severe cough in children

Cough is the most common in younger children. Because of the still underdeveloped immune he so often has a child's body, to treat tablets endlessly. But as harmless drugs do not happen, you should think about alternative therapies that are harmless for the baby and effective in treating even severe cough in children.
How to cure a severe cough in children
The main cause of a cough are all respiratory diseases. Therefore treatment begin with the underlying disease. But because the cough can continue for long time use from it various tools that contribute to full recovery.
For the period of the treatment wear baby vest and socks knitted from camel or sheep wool. They are very well retain heat in the body than prevent paroxysmal cough.
Every day give the child a warm vitamin-enriched drinks, such as juice or tea with jam and honey. Well, they liquefy phlegm, promotes sweating, which greatly facilitates the child's condition.
Because most often, the cough becomes aggravated in the evening and night, make this time different packs and warming procedure of the chest area. To do this, coat the cabbage leaf with honey, apply it to baby's chest cover with the foil or the compression of paper and lock it with the diaper or bandage. Leave overnight.
Another remedy for cough in children is not less effective. Boil the potatoes in their skins. Knead it. Add in a tablespoon of vegetable oil and 3 drops of iodine. Put the resulting mass in a cloth and apply to chest to throat. Cover with foil to retain heat longer compress. As the cool clear.
To resolve coughing give your child pre-prepared burnt sugar or so many favorite children candy. To do this, pour into pan with sugar (0.5 cups), add a little water and cook until they begin to form a stretchy caramel. After it thickens, turn off and let cool. The obtained solid mass to break into smaller pieces and let a child during a strong cough.
Include in the diet of the child sufficiently warm mashed potatoes with lots of milk. This dish promotes discharge of phlegm and is helpful in chronic cough.
Useful advice
These funds are applicable for all ages and allow you to cure the most severe cough in children. They are easy to use, affordable and delicious, so it does not cause negative emotions and reluctance to be treated. The effectiveness of treatment of cough in children depends on regular use.
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