Cough can be treated in different ways, depending on its nature. Basically, cough medicines are divided into three groups: 1) expectorants, 2) soothing a cough, 3) thinning phlegm. In addition to drugs needed to carry out the procedure: put the banks and mustard; RUB the chest. The task of parents is to do everything possible to cough was moist, and phlegm was otherlevels.
How to calm a cough in a child
With obstructive bronchitis. The mucus composition is very viscous, making it difficult to exhale air. Therefore, you first need to take medicines to liquefy the phlegm, and then expectorating. You must give your child to drink plenty of fluids and do several times a day massage. If the child is allergic, he can't put mustard.
At tracheitis. In the beginning of the disease cough is dry and sputum is absent. So the first days to take mucolytic medications, and a time – expectorants. When sputum began to cough, the medication can be canceled and only do massage. Don't forget to drink warm liquid. In the absence of temperature can soar legs and put mustard.
In viral pharyngitis. Cough frequent and dry. It is recommended to make inhalations with herbs, aroma oils. To cough not hurt the child to sleep at night, you can give the medication that keeps him calm.
Prolonged cough. In this situation you need to go to the doctor and to hand over the clinical analysis of blood, because the causes of cough can be very different. It can cause even long-term use expectorate means.
In whooping cough. The cough starts with a wheezing breath, paroxysmal and lasts for a few minutes. This cough can even trigger a loud sound or bright light. In this situation, the only suitable drugs, soothing the cough and the nervous system. During the year, even in the ordinary colds, cough may have pertussis.
When false croup. The child must put in the hospital because in addition to phlegm, he still swells the mucous of the larynx. Until the ambulance has not arrived, you need to give a large dose of the mucolytic agent, abundantly drink a warm drink and open the window to ventilate the room.
Cough can be of different origin and type. So, before you start treatment, you need to be sure that it won't hurt.