You will need
  • - The cat;
  • - A warm fuzzy blanket;
  • - Delicious food;
  • - Favorite people.
If you have no cats, then get it. Love your pet, care for it, and a lot of tasty food, he purred as often as possible. Stroking the cat behind the ear and wherever he likes, so he became a virtuoso in the art of purring. Listen carefully to your published animal sounds, attach the ear to the breast of fluffy, feel coming from her gentle vibration.
The more you communicate with your pet, the more its habits will take over - we're all a little copy those whom we love. This is especially useful to women try to learn how to walk like a cat, smoothly, gracefully, with dignity and the understanding of its superiority over others. Always be clean without chemical smells.
Do not resist your desires - if you want a tasty and plenty to eat, enjoy the taste of food on your health! Pryrates after a hearty dinner with his cat cuddling on a warm fluffy blanket and paramite. From this life you will not notice as you start to purr!
Only lacks one factor - the person who will scratch you behind the ear. If it does not, then start beloved master, in your present condition simple. You sleek, well-fed, confident woman, radiating warmth and tenderness and affectionate men in the world are ready to rush to your feet! Choose how the host chooses a cat, listen to your intuition and inner "purring" vibration.
Kindle the fireplace, throw a soft rug in front of him, on the floor (cats don't usually eat at the table) place the plates with the tasty (meat or fish) dinner, a loud mewing call of the owner. He came?! Embrace it with his soft paws and quietly mulikita, because nothing more is necessary, so purring, so long concealed in you, will flow by itself!