Advice for girls under 16 years of age

If you're 13, and your chosen one over more than 5 years – it is better to abandon the idea of a romantic relationship. In adolescence, even two years sounds like a lot of difference. He just doesn't see in you girl you'll be a child. But if the age difference is 3-4 years, you can try to attract his attention.

First, find out what he likes. Learn football rules and the names of the players of his favorite team if he is a football fan. Try to learn to play his favorite computer game. Ask what kind of music he listens to. In General, make it so that it was interesting to you. It is important not to overdo it. To accept any word and just play along don't. Guys like girls with their own opinions.

Second, do not try to look older than his age. 15-year-old girl with bright makeup looks stupid and vulgar. Don't try to demonstrate their "maturity" with cigarettes, beer and arguments about sex.

Third, it is not namasivaya. It is not necessary to fill up the guy's messages and attack phone calls with declarations of love. It is not necessary to guard him at the entrance, and then pretend as if accidentally passed by. In this way, only win the title of "kids, which runs for Bob".

Tips for girls 16+

If you are under 18 years old guy, who is older than you, may refuse to date you for quite natural reasons. Criminal liability for sexual abuse of minors has not been canceled. Therefore hundred times think before to start a relationship with an adult man.

Try to join his circle of communication. Through mutual friends find out where it is most often. And then arrange an "accidental" meeting at a concert of his favorite band or in the gym, where he does. Come to say Hello first, if you haven't noticed. You need to take the initiative to arouse his interest. You throw languorous glances from the corner – this corner will remain.

Learn how to flirt. Be feminine. Show him that you're not a little girl who plays with dolls. Being an adult doesn't mean to paint her lips with red lipstick and wears a blouse with a deep neckline even if you have something there to show. If you want to be a serious interest, it is better to demonstrate intelligence, and desire to grow. And do not lie about your age. Lie sooner or later will reveal, but unpleasant aftertaste remains.

Any man likes to feel smart and strong. Ask him for advice as a more experienced person. Express admiration for his talents and abilities. Do not try to emphasize the age difference, if you don't want him to treat you like a younger sister. Do not overdo it with the game in "lolita". The boy may loves the attention of young girls, but children's whims he is unlikely to want long endure.