First, most importantly and often do, unfortunately, the effect when the girl herself began to be hung on the neck of the guy who writes him love SMS, annoying calls. You should not behave like that, the young man in this situation, you may not like, or worse, he is afraid of your over-obsession with her. Be smarter, it is this quality worth to "hunt your prey".
Met. Now don't hesitate to ask him tip, ask for help in a particular effect or to solve a difficult task. Whatever it is, most importantly, the male sex like that. Thus, they feel needed and smart. Just know that overdoing it is not worth it, how not to be nothing in his eyes.
Talking to a guy confident and to the point. It is not necessary to shake or memorize pre-written sentence in the conversation. So you can look stupid and ridiculous. The object of your desires a must see you confident and interesting girl. Also, be cheerful, smile and cute answer. Overpower feelings of anger or sadness, if you are in the spirit, believe me, then your suffering will be justified. Men like a magnet attracted to funny girls, please note.
Another option, tested and valid - is to make friends with someone from his friends. Thereby you will learn more about him and visit in his company. The company does not forget to behave as stated in the above tips and hints. If all actions are successful great, but it's still early to relax.
Not a few important is your appearance. Man, even with a sloppy, interested in well-groomed girl. From this it follows that it is necessary to conquer him also with his style, hairstyles etc. you feel will be more confident.
And the last one. Male - earner and a hunter, and so you need to be a little victim - in the sense that you male won, not caught in nets, eaten and forgotten. For this purpose it is not necessary to talk about their feelings to him in advance. And it is better not to share even with my friends because someone says a word, and then the outcome might be sad. Let this game will be between the two of you, where the main role belongs to him, but not Vice versa.