How to interest of the former?

This adventure requires great care and delicacy. The return of the former men is somewhat reminiscent of the taming of a wild cat. Any mistake will throw you many steps back and have to start all over again.

Start a chat with him like normal friends, after some time move on to friendship. All this will require time and effort. You must hold back in such situations, not to jump on the neck of a man after the first warm words. This can lead only to "friendly sex" and your relationship to it and stalled.

You should behave smoothly and predictably, restrain yourself. Show kindness and caring without a strong "peak" of emotion. Analyze your relationship, understand error. Do not show a single drop of the emotions that caused the breakup. In any case, do not quarrel, do not show negativity and resentment.
Try to use something nice for your former things – your perfume that he likes, clothes, his favorite color... stuff Like that work a kind of anchor that can Wake a man old feelings.

Try to make your ex in your presence feel as comfortable as possible. Follow your face appearance, you must be calm, friendly and confident. In any case, do not flirt with your ex man.

Never discuss the negative in the former

Under any circumstances don't discuss with him what went wrong in your past relationship. Even if he will try to talk about it. Change the subject of conversation. If necessary, inform the man that all this negativity in the past, and you would not want to relive it. Just say it delicately and gently. It is impossible to show that this topic really offends you.

When you re-make friends with your ex, start to return to the past, affect in conversation the most pleasant memories. They have to be romantic, the erotica and sexuality until later. Remember where you have passed the best Dating, talk about it, and then watch his reaction. If no positive emotions your ex-boyfriend does not show, so still need to wait some time. If the response is, continue in the same spirit, only not to remember about such romantic places or events too often. Once a few meetings – the ideal interval.
At this stage, don't be afraid to ask him "friendly" meeting first. Do not wait until he will call you, don't go on the usual scenario.

If your ex is after all done actions will want to get to bed, do not succumb to provocation. Especially if he had a complicated relationship with the current girl. If it is not awake yet romantic feeling to the full sex at this stage will also go into the category of "friendly" and, therefore, will lead you into a dead end.

Refuse hugs, kisses and caresses gently and surely, men should be feeling it only in the moral aspect. When your relationship will be restored in full, from the man appears romantic interest, he will call you out, then you can go to bed.