Looking for a reason for Dating or making conversation depending on the situation. If you met a boy at the exhibition, festival, film premieres, proceed from this "information occasion". Approaching the object of sympathy, not contact him with the statement – no matter what its content. This replica can go vnikuda, remain unanswered. Better ask the guy a question about the ongoing event. Start with a closed question, i.e. that can be answered in one word, definitely (Yes/no). Ensuring the listener's attention, go to the second replica. This time to push his reflections in the response. If you are confident in your ability to improvise, come up with questions in advance – the day before the event or at least a minute before the "attack".If the situation is that there is nothing to discuss, ask opponent for help. Don't let it be too complex a favor – don't force it to move furniture. But a trifle please do not should seem that the boy realized that without it you will fail. You may see this guy almost every day – at school or through common friends. To reach out to him and to prepare the ground for closer relations, be open and friendly. Just don't make any effort to do so, otherwise you risk to cross the line and slip into excessive positivity and unmotivated delight. This attitude should not be directed only at boyfriend. Create coherent light image, participating in shared parties, engaging in discussions and supporting exciting initiatives. In conversation to Express their opinions, listen carefully to his cues and respond to them – but only if you really have something to say. In the extreme case, just approve his statement and sincerely praise.Turning to the boy, call him by name – this includes a person on a subconscious level. When your relationship will be fairly close (friendly), contact him via items asking to pass something touch the back of the chair on which he sits, etc. do not exclude physical contact with him – touch the shoulder, asking a question, etc. ensure that such actions were not an invasion of personal space the boy didn't look deliberate.If you're in a good, friendly company, will speak about the boy as a very pretty, smart and nice man when he wasn't around. Mutual friends will probably hint to him later that you have feelings for him.Making sure the soil is prepared, just tell the boythat you like. This phrase, uttered earnestly, even anxiously, for sure he will be nice and will be the occasion to bring together that you both need.