With a man who is much older to behave more respectful than their peers. If young men can forgive or not to pay attention to the deception, unreasonable whims, etc., that an older man will take everything in your account. He and so there is a sense of inferiority next to the young beauty. And if she still behaves in relation to it is not too good, the man finally falls into a depression.
The man, who is older than girl friend for ten to fifteen years can be a great Advisor and an attentive listener. From the height of his age, he understands that in relations the main thing - spiritual affinity and physical attraction in second place. Therefore, it is possible and necessary to talk about their feelings, thoughts, problems. The older men very flattering to be consulted. He will be happy to hear the long and tedious story to the end, to help his beloved. This feature distinguishes it from peers, who prefer to first throw out sexual energy, and only then, if you would like to chat.
Men who are older than their girlfriends, are usually more responsible. No need to constantly remind them that they promised to do something. With age men learn to take seriously the words and if something needs - sure will. And your frequent reminders will become irritant, the man asked not to bother him, the scandal can begin. So quietly wait until the partner does not fulfill the promise. And if he didn't keep his word - let him explain why. Tell him you are very down and you no longer can trust him. Usually after this conversation, the men are trying not to make mistakes.
Older men usually love their moms decency and responsibility. So don't be afraid to introduce him to my parents. They easily find common language, after all, are in a fairly close age groups. Just don't let them too make friends. Otherwise, instead of the beloved you will find another dad or older brother, which is every step you take to discuss with their parents.