Advice 1: How to behave if the man is older than you

Men who are considerably older than their partners, often fall into relationships very seriously. They understand that the youth loved its advantage and appreciate what she's there for him, but not with a vigorous age.
How to behave if the man is older than you
With a man who is much older to behave more respectful than their peers. If young men can forgive or not to pay attention to the deception, unreasonable whims, etc., that an older man will take everything in your account. He and so there is a sense of inferiority next to the young beauty. And if she still behaves in relation to it is not too good, the man finally falls into a depression.
The man, who is older than girl friend for ten to fifteen years can be a great Advisor and an attentive listener. From the height of his age, he understands that in relations the main thing - spiritual affinity and physical attraction in second place. Therefore, it is possible and necessary to talk about their feelings, thoughts, problems. The older men very flattering to be consulted. He will be happy to hear the long and tedious story to the end, to help his beloved. This feature distinguishes it from peers, who prefer to first throw out sexual energy, and only then, if you would like to chat.
Men who are older than their girlfriends, are usually more responsible. No need to constantly remind them that they promised to do something. With age men learn to take seriously the words and if something needs - sure will. And your frequent reminders will become irritant, the man asked not to bother him, the scandal can begin. So quietly wait until the partner does not fulfill the promise. And if he didn't keep his word - let him explain why. Tell him you are very down and you no longer can trust him. Usually after this conversation, the men are trying not to make mistakes.
Older men usually love their moms decency and responsibility. So don't be afraid to introduce him to my parents. They easily find common language, after all, are in a fairly close age groups. Just don't let them too make friends. Otherwise, instead of the beloved you will find another dad or older brother, which is every step you take to discuss with their parents.

Advice 2 : How to behave if the guy is older than you

Some of the couples there is a big age difference when the man a few years older than girls. In such a relationship may have problems, tensions and disagreements that can spoil a happy affair.
How to behave if the guy is older than you
Discuss the vision for the future. Make sure that want the same thing. If a man is going to take you to wife, have children and create a strong family, and you're not ready for that, better find out in advance.
Do not provoke him to jealousy, especially if the age difference is very large. Mentally man is to compare yourself with your peers who most likely look more fit, and have other advantages.
Try to match the beloved. If your man is wearing expensive and stylish suits, don't wear a frivolous open blouse. Makeup should also be solid and not too geeky. Mentally rate yourself, so you do not look together, like a father with his daughter.
Do not attempt to alter the beloved. Adults have established values, beliefs and interests, so it is very difficult to change. If you constantly impose on man his own opinion, he can not stand and leave.
Listen to his opinion. Even a slight difference in age men can turn this around – he's seen more, knows more and is wiser. Show that you trust him, let be a senior and to solve your problems. Because men need to feel needed and useful to his girlfriend.
Don't act thoughtlessly, try to read more and to develop in different directions. Adult men appreciate in women not only the appearance but also the inner world. If your interests and views on life are too different, long the relationship will not last.
Do not pay attention to gossip behind. Some people may envy to tell you that you only date for money. Try to ignore them and don't try to explain anything. If you really love each other, other people's stories will not spoil your relationship.

Advice 3 : How to conduct yourself in love

Young people always live in expectation of meeting with your partner. Having met your loved one, they often pay attention to his actions, the actions or views, with the hope to find in them any sign of affection. There are a number of features of the behavior of a man in love.
How to conduct yourself in love

Signs crazy love

If a person is in love, he will demonstrate to you sexual tension. It is known that this is the first sign of rapprochement between couples but not in all cases. You should look especially at the behavior of men, after sex. Sometimes it happens that the boy loses interest in his woman and simply disappear from her life.

A man in love seeks intimacy. This characteristic is, in fact, to know each other through communication. Modern society prefers to communicate via Skype, ICQ, a mobile phone or another Internet site. But, the good news is that people do not forget about the tactile and visual contact. Man, if love be in any case to write, to call, to talk about themselves and listen to you.
We should not think that all men are the same, some like to communicate more often to make compliments and give gifts, others less.

If you involve the second mate in his personal life, acquaints with friends or family, it means that he has serious intentions about her.

In a relationship to have the following features as a compromise and concessions. If a man really loves you, he will do anything to save and not to hurt your feelings. He can sacrifice your friends, your habits, or your own way of life.

A loving person shows love through care. This feature means that the lovers have to accommodate each other and enjoy their shared successes.
If a man tries to soothe, to protect, to surprise or to please your mate, then he really loves her.

How to behave like lovers

If your man is shy and long glares at you, he really feels for you heartfelt feelings. This is due to the fact that it tries to read it in your eyes, whether you like or, on the contrary, no. Also young people are added to friends on all Internet sites where you will only be their lover. A man when falls in love, starts to look, dress, and generally look at things differently.

The young man also will insist to follow you home or even apartment. This is due to the fact that he begins to show the need to be with your loved one every minute of it. Every day people will try to surprise you with a trip to the café, restaurant or movie. Also it will be interesting to learn about what you enjoy to further interest you in anything.

Advice 4 : Husband is older than 12 years: what are the pitfalls

Marriages in which the man is significantly older than women who do not occur too often. They have an advantage: because the husband is a more experienced and, as a rule, is already secured, and he managed to build a strong family. But, alas, this variant also has disadvantages.
Husband is older than 12 years: what are the pitfalls

Issues of equality in the family

Almost certainly in a family where the man is 12 years older women, equality will not occur. Husband will always be stronger, smarter, more experienced, and so he will be the head of the family. If it with care and respect for his wife, no problems. Unfortunately, there is a risk that the man in this situation will become a tyrant. Often men who are much older than wives, do not accept the opinion of its second half into account and very badly perceived not only any criticism, but simply an unwillingness to carry out their orders. To avoid such troubles, the woman is to take care of the distribution of tasks within the couple and also to try to win the respect and trust of the spouse.

Another typical pitfall is the excessive pride of men, who won the heart of a young and attractive girl. The effect is enhanced if the wife is still quite young and inexperienced. Zagorevskii and rachatawee in front of acquaintances, friends, colleagues and relatives, the man increases their self-esteem. In the future it can continue to increase it by belittling the merits of his wife. Chicanery, scandals and the habit to tell the woman "her place" – characteristic signs of a poor relationship in the family. Of course, this pitfall, fortunately, breaks are not every love the boat, however, and it should worry, especially if warning signs have already appeared.

Other problems in marriage

If both spouses are still young, the difference in 12 years is not too significant. However, over time it will become much more noticeable. First of all we are talking about the sexual life of the spouses. Experienced, Mature man can teach a young girl. However, if we are talking about a couple where the woman has flourished, gained the necessary experience and was in need of sex more than in my youth, and the man has already appeared the first problems with potency, you may experience a number of problems. Over time, these problems can worsen. However, to protect yourself from them, or solve difficulties can, if properly take care of the health of men.

Another problem – different interests, different pace of life. This complexity, in contrast, typically occurs in young pairs. When the girl, 20, male, 32, it can be a little uncomfortable together, as husband is not too serious about the young friends of their beloved, and a fun pastime for him is not as important as before. Different priorities can also affect family life, especially if the man has already achieved career growth and spends a lot of time at work.
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