You have to look good. Initially man attract external data female figure, face, hair, eyes. Well-groomed hands, sleek skin, beautifully coiffed hair, neat clothes on a figure a man would never allow such a woman. Your initial goal is to attract attention.
Optimistic attitude. The woman in a surly mood will never become the object of flirting – no one wants to mess with a grim and stern people. Smile and learn to find pleasure in all activities men attracted to women light, airy and open.
"Build eyes". It's a staple of flirting mysterious look. Direct eye contact should not be too long – only a couple of seconds and turn away. Averting her eyes slowly, allowing the man to appreciate your interest. Squint, smiling and mischievous – remember how you did as a little girl and put a little more passion, add languid flutter of the eyelashes. You can feign embarrassment and this neglect -- put your eyes down and quickly turn away. The main point of this game eyes – to understand the man who resolved to continue communication and clearly show their location to him.
Stick to "light" style of communication. Flirting with a man should not converse with him on serious topics, "load", to talk about their problems. Your communication should be informal and based on mutual compliments, harmless jokes, talk with a touch of humor. A bit of irony or even light mockery. it will not hurt you show your ability to make jokes and keep the conversation going so that the man was not boring. Act in such situations, more sophisticated – it is an opportunity to demonstrate your sense of humor.
Touch casually. Barely perceptible touch to the garment of a man, his hands, the elbow belong to the last stage of flirting followed by a more decisive offensive. You should not constantly look for the opportunity to hold his hand, touch cheek – do it casually, focusing on his gestures only imperceptible eye movement, the rotation of the head.