If you fell in love with a girl who is a little superior to you in age, you may prevent these old ideas about what the guy should be older than his lady. But try to destroy these banal stereotypes. Prove to your sweetheart that you are no worse than older young people. There are several ways to do it. When dealing with her, act natural. Pretend to be who you really are is a trait of teenage boys. Therefore, in order to please adult girl, be yourself.
Be confident in yourself and your own abilities. Women love independent and self-confident guys, so be so. Indecision and timidity is a very cute features, but they tend cowardly and insecure young people.
Try to seem unavailable. Attract her attention, but don't run after it, behave in a manner befitting adult men.
Find out what motivates the older guys and study these items. And just read serious books, watch good films, to expand your horizons, because girls prefer not only beautiful men, but also clever.
Remember that to be generous does not mean buying expensive gifts, give gold, diamonds and cars. This means that you should get rid of banal greed. On a date do not bring a girl to the cheapest restaurant. Let it be and not a fancy expensive restaurant but nice and cozy decent cafe. Don't forget about important days and always make your beloved a pleasant surprise and modest gifts.
Strive to be perfect for her man. Ask what she likes in people, and try to acquire these qualities. Also behave decently, as befits an adult educated man, don't let yourself indecent actions. Nravites other girls. This feature needs you to be present, but is extremely annoying and clingy young people should not be rude, because this may not only scare off other ladies, but your chosen one.
Don't be henpecked. Never settle with a girl go on about her, always have their own opinion, but the cruelty and rudeness in relation to it use is not worth it.
Be independent. Always make important decisions on their own. Of course, you can ask the girl's advice, but ultimately always act as decided by you. Follow these very simple tips and you will be able to win the heart of any girl, even one that is a little older than you.