Before making attempts to attract a man older than yourself, think whether you really want it. Most of them have been married a long time, so you can take advantage of you just for fun, and you'd be wasting time in the hope that he will divorce his wife and become your husband. If the circumstances are such that the likelihood of long-term and serious relationship is real, then you should try to draw it, but this should be done so that it seemed to him that the initiative comes from him.
Should never talk to him about its or his age – the fact that the younger you are, understandably so. But he does not perceive a man who is much older. With you, he wants to go back to youth, here and give him the opportunity.
Should not their behavior to emphasize their age. Behave like a young, elegant, restrained woman to feel comfortable in your presence. Even if he likes your youth, a grown man already accustomed to a certain level of relationship and your behavior should not be too contrasting, geeky and ridiculous for adults.
To really interest him and attract not only the youth, which, as we know, passes quickly, find out about their interests and Hobbies. Hearken to these topics, read about them, even in casual conversation to show knowledge of the subject. After all, people in age are not as interested in sex as such, he is interested in communication. Your chances of serious and lasting relationships will increase significantly, if with you there will be something to talk about. Show interest in everything that interests him, emphasize that his opinion is important to you.
Keep the mystique and charm, it always attracts young women, but do not overdo it, so it doesn't look unnatural and quite alien to you. The combination of looseness, spontaneity and the willingness to accept it for what it is, the recognition of its importance – that is very attractive to any adult male mix that will surely make him take a closer look at you.