Note that in the tactics of attracting men of more advanced age not necessary to rely on sexual relationships. Unlike young men, Mature men appreciate in women is not only this aspect of communication. Therefore, you should not emphasize your sexuality too bright.
The older men interested in the conversation. They are looking for a companion and confidant, and sometimes the student. So be prepared to be interested in it, tell him about your achievements and learn from his experience. Older men looking for an emotionally Mature women who will make a scene over nothing, or to be offended at trifling occasions, but at the same time with a children's spontaneity in expressing feelings.
Mature men appreciate affection and love gentle women. This youth wants to appear perfect macho, with age, the desire to show contempt for such attention is greatly reduced. So be affectionate and sweet in communication. Comfort in communication is highly valued by older men. Of course, the people calling him a Bunny is not worth it, but alone you have to be gentle and pleasant.
The older men, as a rule, are conservatives. With years for them to become different important things-like a delicious coffee in the morning, relaxing massage in the evening, an interesting conversation at lunchtime. Of course, in the early stage of relationship building you will not be able to provide him with a lot of this, but be sure to hint that I wanted to give him a little joy every day. He must feel that you are very nice to take care of him and to see him happy.
You can conquer its location, if it starts to separate its interests. Scout and learn about his passions. They can get excited about music that was popular in their youth, or to wear clothes of those times. Try to share the positive emotions, if he was hard, try to distract and soothe. Important — do it sincerely, Mature and experienced individual feels the hypocrisy in the expression of emotions. Older men appreciate the care about the emotional state. Become a source of happiness and inspiration - and your relationship will last a very long time.