How to start Dating a boy

First feelings are always exciting and unusual for any girl. In this period, it is important to learn how to show the young man that you are ready for courtship on his part. It is enough to follow some rules that will help you to show sympathy for the young man.

Attracting attention

To attract the attention of a male. First, it would be great if you find yourself in the company of mutual friends and acquaintances. To do this, monitor the social circle a young man. Perhaps among them you will find their friends. The rest – a trick. Ask your friends how often they spend time together and ask a few unobtrusive questions about the young man. Secondly, make him light hints at the meeting. It can be not only words, but a nice smile or look. So you show the young man her sympathy. If possible, you can leave him your phone, but don't ask for his number. The essence of this behavior is that, if you really like the guy, he will call.

The period of courtship

The courtship period all occurs at about the same scenario. Young man giving flowers and gifts, says compliments, invite to the cinema or cafe. This is one of the most important periods in a relationship, since it is possible to see your partner in different situations. The girl should show their best qualities. First, don't be Intrusive. Endless phone calls and determine where and with whom is your young man will only cause irritation. To correct this situation will be difficult. Let them know that you have your own zone of freedom and you will not go mad, if you do not wait to call. Secondly, you look always stunning. Not been canceled of folk wisdom "meet on clothes". At the stage of courtship the young man is likely to want to meet my friends who will appreciate your appearance. Don't need to dress provocatively, as it is a manifestation of availability and a serious attitude toward you will disappear. Bright makeup is also not the best way to produce an irresistible impression. Try to look according to the situation and the location. Thirdly, learn in dignity to accept gifts and compliments. Reply to agree that you look great. Fourth, forget about the rudeness and vulgarity. Try to be more feminine.