Collagen production decreases gradually. Most often this process begins in middle age, and his natural reason for cosmetologists is called the slower metabolism. However, the lack of collagen can also occur in youth. Today this contributes to the difficult environmental conditions, sedentary lifestyle, stress and poor diet.
To stimulate the production of collagen and inside and outside. The most effective application of both methods. An integrated approach will give good results. But remember: the restoration of the skin will occur gradually, not immediately.
The first and most effective way is to review the nutrition. For the production of collagen, the body needs copper, zinc, iron and various amino acids. Of the vitamins most useful is S. the menu needs to be only healthy foods: fish, cereals, beef liver, seafood, poultry, dairy products, vegetables, eggs, berries and fruit. Instead of coffee drink green tea and freshly squeezed juice from citrus.
In parallel, discard of harmful products that reduce the production of collagen. These include sweets, baked goods, smoked meats, pickles, fast food, really greasy and fried foods. Meat lovers should pay attention to lean. The change in dietary habits will quickly improve the tone and color of the skin, get rid bags and dark circles, mimic wrinkles. The result became clearer, sustain a proper diet external procedures.
Special creams are a great way to promote the enhanced development of collagen. In order to effect a more thorough, use a serum. Also effective means to retinol, tretinoin, peptides. To avoid mistakes, pay attention not only to the labeling of anti-age, but also carefully read the composition.
To stimulate the production of collagen will help regular exfoliation. Data manipulation has a beneficial effect on the underlying tissue, enhancing metabolic processes and increasing blood flow. Incoming oxygen will strengthen the fibre, consisting of collagen and elastin, and the skin will become more elastic.
Collagen production can be stimulated using the cryosauna. Homemade alternative will be a contrast/cool shower. For daily use on small plots fit ice cubes. Can be frozen like regular water or mineral water and herbal infusions.
Perform daily sports exercises. Especially effective stimulate the production of collagen yoga, Pilates, stretching, body Flex, etc. the Secret lies in the necessity of proper breathing and careful, gradual stretching of muscles and joints (which also contains collagen). Also, these classes will help to get rid of stress that has a negative impact on the skin.
Collagen production can be stimulated using a special injection. Choosing such a radical method, be sure to find an experienced physician. And remember that injections must be repeated every six months to a year.