The capital of modern Tyumen region is located on the banks of the Tura river, part of the larger pool of the Irtysh river. Length of Tours – 1030 kilometers, and the area of 80.4 square kilometers. Except for the Tyumen region, the river also flows through the Sverdlovsk region. For 635 kilometers Tours from the river mouth go court, and there are several large and small ports as well as three reservoirs and Verkhoturye HPP.

The latter, incidentally, was commissioned in 1951 and built as a dam scheme on the pressure front on the blank left Bank concrete gravity dam. Maximum annual electricity production in this river the facility is 33 million kWh.

The main tributaries of the Tours are small rivers Salda, Tagil, nice, impact, act. It is from this river and a major water abstraction of water to supply the inhabitants of Tyumen, as well as since it began the conquest of the Siberian khanate, Ermak. To modern days along Tours also survived the famous Babinov's or so-called " Tsar's road. The construction of this road started in 1595 and continued about two years, according to the highest decree of the king. Except for the Tyumen, on the banks Tours was also founded the first cities – Verkhoturye and Turinsk.


To the "Tyumen" river is and Tobol, a tributary of which is the Tour. It is more long – 1591 km and the basin area is 426 square kilometers. Tobol runs on the so-called Turgai plateau and originates at an altitude above the sea level is 272 meters. And the river flows not only in Russia but also in Kazakhstan.

In the basin of the Tobol there are about 20 thousand lakes of different size with a total area of 9 thousand square kilometers. In addition to Tjumen, Tobolsk cities are also Lisakovsk, Rudny, Kostanay, Kurgan, Yalutorovsk and Tools. The largest tributaries of the Tobol'sk – UI, Iset, Tura, Tavda and Ubagan. The navigable length of this river covers 437 miles almost from his very mouth, which is still done alloy Siberian forest.

Over the river and formed two large reservoirs – Verkhnetulomskoe and Ceratomerinae. So the second was founded in 1966 and is used for energy and irrigation. Its total area of 92 square kilometers, and the volume 0,586 cubic kilometres with the greatest depth of 16 meters. The largest river, this reservoir is a famous Tobol, known to all residents of Tyumen and the nearby area.