The need for systematization of information about a particular product depending on the needs of production of products and their promotion. This requires the classification (article one of her characters) is conducted on the most significant characteristics of the goods (raw materials, properties, etc.).
Understand a basic concept about the goods. They are divided into consumer (i.e. for private use, including food, nonfood and medical), manufactured goods (for the production of other goods) and office automation (management and administrative). The hierarchy of all these products multistage: genus, class, group, subgroup, species, variety (brand, model, size, etc.). Systematically set out in the national classification of products (OKP), the names of which are reflected in the figures in the articles.
A brief article often called conditional characteristics of the product, indicating its special characteristics. For different groups of products, the characteristics will always be different. For example, for a specific Shoe models will be substantial: the technology of production, design and purpose, the material from which the product is made.
According to GOST the first letter of the article of footwear signifies the purpose of the product and the production method, the second and the third appearance of the skin. This is followed by figures: a kind of shoes, it kind of fixing method. The letter after the numbers is a designation of color material from which made the top. However, most modern Shoe production facilities (including in Russia) waive the strict rules detailed encoding of the article to simplify it.
Rules for the preparation of articles of fabric. For example, linen, the first two digits of the code - characteristic groups of cells, which is a reference to its purpose or the type of output. The third digit - sign subgroup and characteristics of the fibrous fabric. Ie, if the third digit of the article number is 2, it means: semi-fabric. Fourth and further figures may vary (this is the sequence number of the fabric). For example, article 08101 means: multi-colored canvas, linen.
Manufacturers have fixed your naming of articles. Here is an example of decoding article gloves is one of the Western European factories. The first three digits represent the model of the product, for example 001-199 - this men's gloves, 200-599 ladies. Next, the fourth and fifth digits define the materials of the samples. For example, the velour has code 04, the pig skin - 09. The sixth digit of the article number (1 to 8) detects the material (type) lining. The number 1 will stand wool, 3 coy sheepskin, 8-coy - Mouton. The last digit is the color, but the numbers are indicated only in two variants: 1 means black color, 3 - all other colors. Seeing the label of gloves article 8001323 you with merchandise or special directories decipher the following information: before you - the women's gloves from the crack-lined silk brown.