You will need
  • Suntan lotion, scrub.
All suntan oil can be divided into those meant for the beach and those that you want to use in the sunroom. Before you buy a cosmetic product, decide what you need.
Oils for sun tanning contain UV filters, but their protection factor is minimal. As a rule, it is equal to 2. This means that applying it on the skin increases the time of safe exposure to the sun 2 times. Such products contain certain additives that promote the formation of intense sun.
If you prefer to tan in the tanning bed, stop your choice on special oils. Such means moisturize the skin without letting it dry out, and also stimulate melanin production and reinforce the skin a Golden hue.
Whichever product you choose, purchase it only in large stores or in pharmacies. Always pay attention to the expiration date and the date of production of the oil. Do not buy funds from expiring, as over time their components are subject to rancidity, and UV filters are destroyed.
To ensure that the product was the most effective, use it properly. Apply the oil 30 minutes before going to the beach. During this time it is completely absorbed. Often women prefer to use it directly on the beach, because of its greasy texture. If you forgot to smear the body with oil or did not want to dirty clothes, after applying outdoors try to hide for 15-20 minutes in the shade, and then start tanning.
Be careful to spread the oil all over the body and face. Ask someone from home to distribute the product on the back. So tan went smoother before applying this skin treat it with the scrub. If you are the owner of oily skin, use oil can lead to the appearance of lesions. Comedogenic especially those that contain mineral oil. Do not use these products if you suffer from acne. Replace them with fat-free sun creams.
Choose oil spray, as they are the most convenient to apply to the skin. You can also pour in a spray bottle that will allow to apply it more evenly. After spraying oil on the skin at home wait until it is absorbed, and then wear clothes. You can gently blot excess funds with a paper towel.