Slugs, or slugs gastropods, causing great damage to crops. To deal with slugs is very difficult, as most of the different toxic chemicals does not give any result. Therefore, gardeners have to invent new ways of destroying them.
The easiest and most effective way of dealing with slugs is hand picking them. But it is very hard workthat is why it is easier to place the bait – wet rags, planks, bundles of grass, leaves, burdock, cabbage or pumpkin, and in the morning to avoid traps and destroy the slugs hiding there.
It is known that slugs hate the smell of parsley, so you can plant around a flower bed around the perimeter of the parsley, and for greater "credibility" to impose their cut stems of nettles. Slugs do not like nettles and in this way you will be able not only to defend their land, but contribute to the growth of vegetable crops.
Many gardeners have noticed that slugs do not happen in the beds of garlic and onions. If you don't want to be around other beds with garlic because of the inconveniences that will create it is grown plant, it is possible to go the other way: grind 200 g of garlic in a meat grinder, diluted in 60 liters of water, stir, strain and pour this composition of the soil in the greenhouse. As practice shows, the slugs will not appear in these places, so the germination of cucumber and other vegetable crops will be saved.
In the evening in calm weather, take a hand held sprayer, fill it with water and add incomplete tablespoon of ammonia. Treat two or three times each shelter slugs, and a week later repeat the procedure. Thus you not only destroy these pests, but will also conduct foliar fertilizing with nitrogen.
If you find slugs in the cellar or in the baseboards of the house, prepare a salt solution by mixing 200 g of product with 10 liters of water. Pour evenly over the habitat of the slugs and they will not bother you any more.
And German gardeners have found effective and original way of dealing with slugs. It is unknown how they learned that these pests are connoisseurs of dark Beers. You can also take this way to fight for myself. Fill several small cups with beer and kopite them in the ground around the plants flush. Especially greedy pests will go to the bottom, and the rest will remain on the "battlefield".
In England and Holland with slugs are struggling with toads and frogs. It is known that these amphibians eat these pests, so you can try to put them in your garden and thereby to save their possessions from destruction. Attempts to forcefully settle them on the site most likely have not been successful. Try unobtrusively to attract them by creating some vadimchik and preparing them with shelter in the form of halves of broken flower pots etc