Broccoli: how to grow and care

Broccoli is the most undemanding plant of the cabbage family that can grow on almost any soil. To grow broccoli, you should know that seedlings and seeds should be planted at different times. Sow this cabbage is best from early may to mid-June, but put the seedlings in the garden in early summer.

To plant the seedlings need the distance between the rows about two feet, and between plants to keep 35 cm, And seeding, and Seating should be done in cloudy days. After planting, the plants should be watered.

Care of broccoli provides for the maintenance of moist soil, loosening of row spacing and fertilizer already on day 12 after planting. Big head at the base need to be cut off – it's faster growing side shoots. To fight a variety of insect pests of broccoli can be by sprinkling the infusion of tobacco plants, using tomato leaves or garlic.

You should pay attention to the fact that the soil where it grows broccoli should be watered and plowed in a timely manner. The looseness will allow to saturate the roots with oxygen. Watering too much not worth it – so can receive the slugs, get rid of which with a solution of hot pepper.

Brussels sprouts: growing and care

Brussels sprouts need to grow only by seedlings, as the period of its growing season is about 180 days. To prepare the sprouts, you first need to plant seeds in the greenhouse or in the garden, covered with foil. Transplanted to a bed of Brussels sprouts need within 60 days.

To plant the plant must be a brighter place with fertile soil, protected from winds. Cabbage will grow all summer, as well as conventional. Small heads, resembling in form and size of walnuts, will only appear in the early autumn.

Care is to the tenth and the twentieth day to feed cabbage nitrogen fertilizers. The second half of summer will take the fertilizers based on phosphorus and potassium. Pour the Brussels sprouts should be quite profusely in the heat and in moderately cloudy weather.

You need to primepay buds at the top – so stops the growth of the stem and begin the development of the cabbages. If the plant is not sufficiently developed, then the procedure primaline should be abandoned – as it'll rot the cut and the plant will die. Better to wait a few days and then to carry out this procedure.

Cauliflowers: how to grow and care

This species of the cabbage family likes heat and light, so you need to put her in early March. The soil for planting you need to prepare since the fall by applying fertilizers based on wood ash and organic matter. Seeds of cauliflower should be placed at a distance of 1 cm from each other, and seedlings of about half a meter.

Cauliflower should be watered regularly, to form a large head. Soil needs loosening immediately after it dried, but it is worth doing carefully, so as not to damage the roots of plants.

On cabbage plants should not be exposed to sunlight because they lose their color. To protect them from the sun, you need to bind a few leaves over the head using string. Cauliflower needs to be fertilizing with organic fertilizers, as well as powered on the basis of phosphorus and potassium.