You will need
  • - indexically drugs;
  • - kerosene;
  • soap;
  • - turpentine;
  • - borax;
  • - diesel fuel;
  • - the oven.
To combat the weevils that damage garden culture, use indexically drugs that are widely available in shops for gardeners.
Dilute the preparation according to the instructions for use, spray infested by insects areas with spray. Processing spend early spring and during the vegetative development of the plants at least two times.
Do not use aggressive indexically drugs at the time of flowering of trees, shrubs and vegetable crops. Perform the pollination in early morning or late evening, when there is no heat and sun.
As traditional methods use to combat weevils mixture of kerosene, turpentine and liquid soap or a mixture of diesel fuel, borax and soap. Mix the ingredients in equal proportions, spray all affected areas.
If the bugs with a long proboscis divorced in your grocery stockpile, rinse the grains, dry in the oven. Unfortunately, flour to wash it is impossible. When the weak lose weevils calcined all the stocks in the oven. If the flour settled large colonies of insects, you have just to throw away, since the product is affected not only bugs, but also their faces and eating it in food is dangerous to health.
As preventive measures the emergence of insects in the food stockpile, store flour, cereals, noodles in sealed sterile jars in a dry, well-heated room.
Do not buy more products than you can consume in one month. All cereals, try to buy from reliable manufacturers that have proven themselves in the grocery market, as is often the situation where you bought a pre-packaged product, opened the package and saw small bugs with a long proboscis. This means only one thing, that cereals were infected with larvae that have matured into adults during storage, and this method came to your house.