What harm have snails and slugs

Slugs and snails are inconspicuous our "neighbors" on the site. In dry weather, and during the day they prefer to hide in damp and secluded places. On "hunting" they go under cover of night or in a rainy day. At this time, echelon of hungry snails and slugs as a rule, impressively emerging from their shelters in search of tasty treats, rushing straight to the beds.

Seeing these mollusks personally, you can guess their presence is typical eaten on the lettuce and cabbage. Sometimes they do not disdain and other plantings. Slugs and snails typically gnaw holes of irregular shape in a juicy and tender parts of the plants, with stems and veins not interested in them. You can also see plants on piles of feces and traces of mucus. These manifestations say that we urgently need to take action, otherwise you risk losing part of the harvest.

Measures to control snails and slugs on the plot

To complicate the impudent life, just block their path with the help of eggshells. This is a very humane and economical way of dealing with these mussels: they stay alive, and you don't have to spend money to buy special agents.

Take the shells from the eggs, crack it and sprinkle on her the space between the beds. Instead of the shell you can safely use the gravel, but he should be fine.

Believe me, soft-bodied snails and slugs such a barrier will not like. For fear of running into prickly objects, these creatures are unlikely to move on this obstacle course. The sly, they will go to try fruits and vegetables for the safer neighborhood area. After the rain protivolodochnyi such embankments will need to be updated.