What is Fusarium

Fusarium wilt of asters causes the fungus Fusarium, which is capable of long time to survive in the soil in form of spores. Infection of plants occurs through soil: getting to the roots, the mycelium together with nutrients distributed throughout the plant and grow and prevents further normal diet asters. From planting the young plants in the ground until its destruction may take a considerable period of time – asters usually die in the period of budding and flowering, when they need high-calorie diet.

Initially, the leaves appear yellow spots that gradually turn brown, wither and curl. At the same time, the stems are formed of longitudinal brown stripes, which often turn into cracks. At this time, and the death of the plant. A characteristic symptom of Fusarium – asymmetry of the lesion, in addition, the root of the neck, you may notice pink plaque, which represents the spores of futurama.

What to do to prevent the deaths of the asters?

Unfortunately, there are no effective treatments asters from Fusarium. Infected plants need to be removed immediately from the site by the roots and burn to avoid spread of infection. However, you can try to avoid future outbreaks, when you consider some of the features of its distribution. The fact that Fusarium – extremely selective fungus and affects only Aster, so important agrotechnical reception in the cultivation of asters – crop rotation. While old plants should return no earlier than 3-4 years.

Great value to assign to the quality of the soil on alkaline soils asters Fusarium rarer than acidic This means that as the fertilizer needed to make only well-rotted compost, excluding fresh manure and sawdust. It is also important to avoid planting of density and humidity of the soil at the site, where there are asters. Before planting the soil need to treat with copper sulfate, which effectively fights fungal diseases. Alternatively, the drug can be watered planting with a solution of biological Baikal EM". The microorganisms contained in it, well revitalizes the soil and fight harmful microorganisms. For the preparation of active solutions of these drugs, you need to carefully study the instructions and make therein precautions.

Gardeners notice that Fusarium often affects the bright red varieties of asters that you need to consider when buying and choose Fusarium-resistant varieties of plants, what should be written on the packet of seeds.