You will need
  • phone with the connected service "Mobile office".
Go to your mobile operator and check with the service that provides the ability to receive a Fax on your mobile phone. Typically, this service is called "Office" or "Mobile office". It allows you to send and receive a Fax using your smartphone. Its composition usually includes two messaging services: reception and transmission of faxes, forwarding Fax number. For example, on the website of the company "the Megaphone" there is a description of the services send and receive faxes
Use the service to forward Fax messages, to receive their faxes on a mobile phone, having an additional room. If your phone allows you to forward Fax calls only, select the forwarding option.
Enter the appropriate key combination to call forwarding and press the call key, for example, *21*, "please Enter phone number"*13# "Press the call key". Please note that the phone number must be entered in international format. Numbers for example, check with your operator all the necessary keyboard shortcuts.
Make sure your mobile phone supports the function of receiving/sending Fax messages, before to connect the service "Mobile office". Billing forwarding Fax messages is usually carried out similar to the voice forwarding and depends on your tariff plan. The cost of receiving a Fax on a mobile will vary from time to time, the so-called business/abiznes time.
Use a special program to receive a Fax on your smartphone, for example, a free app ScanR can download it via the link This application is designed for phones on the platform Symbian.