When the first signs of pregnancy you have to get on reception to the gynecologist who does the inspection of the genital organs and carries out registration of pregnant women. The obstetrician will prescribe several blood tests, urine analysis, gynecological smear taking to identify flora.
At certain stages of pregnancy (10-12, 20-22, 30-32 weeks) you will need an ultrasound examination of the pelvic organs and fetus, which provides uzist GYN. Such a study helps to clarify the term of pregnancy, to assess fetal development, and to monitor the functioning of the placenta. On the ultrasound you can observe the movement of your baby find out the sex. In late pregnancy an ultrasound to see fetal presentation, calculate its approximate weight, to assess the maturity of the placenta.
In the first and last trimester of pregnancy, you must pass a number of experts who will evaluate your health each parameter points and record the inspection results in the map of pregnancy. Counting points, obstetrician-gynecologist determines the risk of complications during pregnancy, determines the tactics of delivery.
You need to be examined by an ophthalmologist. This specialist will evaluate your vision, will conduct a study of the fundus and retina. In case you have significant myopia or hyperopia, shown artificial birth at 38 weeks.
In the list for screening pregnant specified infectious disease physician. You will visit after giving blood for certain infections that affect the fetus development. Often carried out enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for detection of herpes, rubella, toxoplasmosis, cytomegalovirus, chlamydia. Should be screened for HIV and hepatitis viruses. The infectious disease specialist will collect the anamnesis, will carry out a visual inspection, if necessary, will prescribe additional tests. When detecting infection the doctor will prescribe a course of treatment and then will monitor your condition.
On the first pregnancy you should be examined by a physician. This doctor will evaluate your overall health, prescribe x-ray, measure blood pressure. Additionally go to the specialist you have a cold or pain in the stomach. If you have a chronic pathology (diabetes, hypertension, etc.), a frequent visit to a GP because it will control your physical condition and prescribe corrective treatment.
You need to go through and dermatologist who examines the skin. In case of detection of the allergic rash you will have to keep a food diary where you record your daily diet changes and skin rashes. The doctor will help you identify the cause of Allergy and time to resolve, not to hurt your baby.
In the first months of pregnancy you need to undergo dental examination. In case of revealing of the patients teeth required treatment from a specialist.
When complications of pregnancy district gynecologist will refer you for consultation to the appropriate specialist. For example, if there were problems with the urinary system – you will be directed to the urologist, pain in the back to the neurologist, with the appearance of excessive irritability – to the endocrinologist.