First and foremost you must decide it's over and you're ready to live without him happily and long. If so, then you need to throw out or give away to orphanages all toys donated to them, any that can remind about your relationship. Any photos of you together needs to be removed. You have to throw out of your life that can remind you once again about the past with him.
Take care of yourself, your appearance. Start going to the gym, go swimming, or dancing, in General, any sport that you like. You need to take your brain a workout, which is great in the future will affect your appearance.
Spend more time outside your home, walk more with friends, spend a lot of time at parties, go to the movies as often as possible communicate with different interesting people. Spend time with fun and in any case don't think about it. You have to get out of my head and start a new life without him.
Immerse yourself in work or in school. The brain is busy, and he had no time to think about unhappy love. Climb the career or increase knowledge in education, therefore, you raise their self-esteem and be happy.
Do not try immediately after the break to find a new relationship. They will not be honest neither towards you nor towards the new boyfriend. It is better to wait at least a couple of months to wounds have healed.
If you have mutual friends, don't discuss your breakup and don't ask them about it, as there is now your ex. You don't need to know, causing myself any feelings towards him.
If for some reason you are constantly in one place (work, studies, courses), it is better try not to cross with him, and if it is not possible – behave as if nothing had happened between the two of you never.