Hard to call a life predictable. However, if you look closely, there is a relationship between human deeds and events in his life. This relationship is so thin that its track can be difficult. To denote the interdependence of all that is happening in my life made the concept of "boomerang effect".

What is the boomerang effect?

The essence of this effect consists in the following: day-to-day people continuously sends to the world a huge number of "boomerangs", these can be specific actions or words, feelings or even thoughts. All sent will sooner or later return: hastily thrown angry words can come back tomorrow or in five years, they can mutate and hit with fines or loss of valuables.

If you send a boomerang something good, it always comes back to a much greater extent. Negative actions and thoughts thrown like a boomerang, return the hard blows of fate. Hard to imagine how many times a day the average person visit the bad thoughts and emotions. It becomes clear why a huge number of lives and destinies filled with hardship and bitterness.

Truth or fiction?

You can doubt endlessly, but the boomerang effect still works, just to see the subtle connection between the events. "As you sow, so shall you reap" is an old saying perfectly expresses the principle of the boomerang effect. And such phrases, originating in ancient times, a lot. Even in the Bible there are words that confirm the theory that all returns.

How to use boomerang effect for their own benefit

If to argue sensibly, it is easy to understand the following truth: according to the law of the boomerang is given to all sooner or later come back, mutate and increasing the volume. It turns out, using effect can significantly improve their quality of life.

The boomerang effect actually works very simply: if something is missing, like money, you need to give it. Sounds ridiculous, but the way it is. If a catastrophic shortage of coin, you need to go and give half of that is those people who are in a more deplorable situation.

In life, little love? So, you need to give your love to anyone. For example, a lonely old neighbor. To give should be sincere, not hoping for a speedy return. Of course, everything will return, but the Universe is important, with what spirit people do good deeds.