Take your time

If you are constantly near your ex boyfriend, trying to find a way to get him back right after he left you, you will be hard to do. You will not be able to soberly assess the situation and to answer the question, what went wrong? No need to ignore it, but don't intrude with conversations about your relationship. Give yourself some time to calm down, take a break. So you will be less biased to the causes of the incident and will be able to understand their feelings. In addition, stopping on the communication, you may make him think about himself.

What made him leave you?

Before trying to get a guy, you need to determine what led to your breakup. Spend self-examination, not whether you are too capricious, whether you paid him enough of his attention, not give him cause for jealousy. Make a list of what could cause a guy left you. This list should only contain what is really in your hands.


Defining a list of possible reasons, do not rush to call the guy with the explanations. But the real action will show the guy that you've changed. First and foremost you need to regain your confidence. Make something that can give you confidence and will make you feel better. For example, change the hair, change the style of his clothes. Do everything you can to feel comfortable, love yourself.

Not to withdraw into themselves

You will not be able to get back with your ex-boyfriend, if you forget about all your Affairs and will always miss him. The guy needs to see that you are immersed in your own concerns, you continue to study or work, you are trying to improve themselves. Often spend time with their friends, they will help to take a fresh look at your relationship.
If you are in the same company, not ponder how to start to talk to him. Talking with others, you will be able to have a conversation with each other.

Behave properly in his presence

If you together are in the guests at a mutual friends or just one company, try to be attractive and educated. Be elegant, dress as the situation requires, but try not to be like a teenager. Talking to people, do not go on long monologues, show that you are able to listen to others. Smile, show your ex that you are happy. Your ex boyfriend will notice and appreciate it.
Don't pretend your feelings. You must get real pleasure from communicating with people and from time to time with them.

Take the plunge

Once you understand the reasons for the breakup and work on yourself, you will need again to tell him about my feelings. Perhaps it will not be easy, but if you want to get a guy, it must be done. Select a place to meet with him when he's in a good mood. If you were wrong, ask for forgiveness, say in this case specifically, do not limit yourself to the common words. Be honest with them and tell them you want to start all over again.

In the future, try not to repeat past mistakes, be myself and not pretend. At the same time, do not think constantly of how not to harm the relationship again - so you will not be able to focus on the present.