A woman, especially emotional, impressionable, at this moment it feels like the whole world ganged up on her. Shock. Shock. Sincere misunderstanding: how could this happen? And then, often comes depression. And well even if abandoned the girl begins to seek solace in alcohol or worse, drugs!

You should pull yourself together and understand that life does not end there! The fact that a particular guy didn't appreciated it – that's his problem. The light is enough good, decent guys to love her and make happy. In the end, the one who threw the girl is not worth her tears and emotions.

Yes, their relationship ended. More he wasn't around. But maybe this is good for girls? Now she has more free time can be enough to communicate with family and loved ones, with friends, to shop, to live in pleasure, finally! Find yourself some interesting hobby, somewhere to go, to see the world.

But that girl definitely should not do is to continuously feel sorry for themselves and look for sympathy from family and friends. Of course, you'll regret it! Sincerely, from the heart. Even cry with her, lamenting: Oh, for what you such grief, Ah, what all men are bastards. As a result, the depressed girl will only get worse.

In addition, it should not be too active "soul-searching", thinking: maybe she was at fault? Yes, most likely, were, in fact, the gap is very rarely happens because of just one hand. But the guy could well try to explain to her frankly that it does not like. Time chose to leave, so not really the road he was. Is it possible in this case to call his loved one? Of course not! Then why those feelings of shame, self-blame?

The girl need to call to the aid common sense and treat the breakup as unpleasant, heavy, bitter, but very useful lesson. These tests temper of the people, make them stronger and wiser. Of course, we should consider their mistakes to not repeat them in the future. When she will meet with someone who will love her truly, with all its advantages and disadvantages.