Advice 1: How to get my husband back, if he went to the former

When a man goes to another, it is a blow to the female ego. But it is doubly a shame if he goes back to the former, leaving the feeling that you could not be better. However, in such a situation can be rehabilitated. With proper posture you have a good chance to recover your man.
How to get my husband back, if he went to the former
Analyze why her husband left her for the former. The reasons may lie in the former the relations of men and in the present with you. The first group include such as the love he still feels for the former; a sense of guilt towards her; the desire to live together with their children, if any. The second group includes the lack of understanding in your family, lack of love, dissatisfaction, inconsistency of your behavior to his expectations.
If you find it difficult to determine the cause yourself, try to find an opportunity to meet the man and talk heart to heart. Ask him to explain his action. However, in no case do not humiliate and do not beg him to come back.
Try not to interrupt communication with the man, stay with dignity. Let him know that I respect his right to make decisions regarding your own personal life. Emphasize that you are a self-sufficient person who has pride, but no "stone in the bosom". Ask him to be friends.
If communication with the man broken, and you have no way to demonstrate this behaviour, just take a small time out. Do not look to see him, but do not shy from them, when a man will be such a desire. And the desire will appear, he will be intrigued: why don't you run after him and try to get it back.
Use the time you have to work on yourself. Try to fix all your husband said was not very flattering. And just take care of their appearance, trying to become more effective. Surround yourself with new fans and friends. Try to find and cultivate sources of joy and positive emotions.
If you know my husband about something long dreamed of, try alone to realize this dream. For example, he wanted to buy a car "Peugeot", but didn't have enough money. Do everything you can to acquire a car. If he thought about creating their own business, this field of activity can master you. Make your life attractive to him.
Never upset and do not reproach a man, gone and gone. When a customer calls or comes forward, demonstrate a good mood and friendliness. Say everything you do well. If he inquires to chance, admit that, Yes, you need to repair the door of the wardrobe and to change the light bulb in the stairwell, but it is not critical. If you offer help, do not give up, and accept and thank.
If you notice that the man is trying to appear at home to help, or for another reason, be careful not to scare him off by his behavior. Radiate beauty and sexuality, but it does not look like an attempt to deceive. Let them know that you are so every day, and he got here by accident.
If you feel that it is attracted to you, allow yourself to flirt. However, it is important not to do the first step.
Finally, there will come a time when a man wants intimacy with you or to hint that he wants to return. You, in turn, remind him that he lives with another woman, so now no relationship between you is impossible. Tell me, what are you going to arrange his personal life, and to be one of two things – it means not to fit into this plan. Man's logic will force him to agree. Now you will just have to wait for him to decide to break up with the former.

Advice 2: How to regain the desire to live

The lack of meaning of life is reminiscent of being in a deep pit. Somewhere above people scurrying around, fighting for the best, to strive for something. The idea that it is necessary to return the desire to live is a sign that the person is ready to rise. Pit — a depression in which you find yourself.
How to regain the desire to live
Fix a period of time. You can accumulate money, knowledge, experience, but not the time it takes, because this man in limited quantities. While in prison, concentration camps people wrote on the walls the date was scratched out the markings of each day. Start making something like that- a daily or hourly basis, make notes. Counting the time it takes, you'll Wake up the soul. It is important to make a recording in the computer file and on paper to put in a prominent place. As the assistant to use the timer.
Start building stairs to the sky. The pit may be clay, rocky or other soil. No matter how hard to dig in, start doing a little recess — like notches, which are directed upward. Some people are sitting on the bottom waiting for someone to be pulled out. Time is running out, so take the initiative to count. Steps can be considered a small creative business that have enough energy. Start with restoring order around.
Step away from the bottom as far as possible: be careful not to fall, go up the stairs. The closer the heaven, the greater will be the strength and hope of deliverance. During the ascent you can come in thinking that at the bottom was comfortable, familiar, even comfortable, although sometimes wet, hungry and lonely. Stop loving the past, otherwise you will fall and everything will have to start again. Concentrate your efforts on the future life, which will be built with your own hands. Sitting in the pit and love of this life manifest itself in negative habits: watching stupid TV shows and reading useless books, dealing with cynical friends, etc. avoid bad communities.
When climb up to the edge of the pit, reach out to find help. Now no need to fight alone. Next will see people who have done something for your life. Someone sowed and harvested the wheat that you ate the bread, and someone created a website that you read this text. Love you, see sense in your life and prove it with actions. Surrounding also need your labor: when you notice the man who rises from the pit, maintain a smile and help to get to his feet. Love for others fill your life with meaning.
Some people can push you back by saying or doing something hurtful, insulting. You will not fall, if you treat them like small children. Silly people fight sometimes, cause each other pain, but an adult realizes that they have not yet grown to the awareness of actions.
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