The development of a sufficient number of melanin contribute to the amino acids tyrosine and tryptophan. To saturate the body with these amino acids eat foods of animal origin: red meat, liver, eggs, butter, milk and dairy products. Amino acids are contained in seafood and fish. For saturation of the body the specified amino acids is enough to eat every day 250-300 grams of meat or fish.
Nuts, brown rice, figs, bananas contain large amounts of amino acids, including tyrosine and tryptophan. Systematically using these products, you will get enough amino acids necessary for the production of melanin.
To amino acids was converted into melanin, you need a sufficient amount of enzymes that you can get from oysters, wheat, sesame seeds, liver. What complete you eat, the higher production of melanin.
In addition, include in the diet of vitamins of group In, or the complex of vitamins a, E, C, B. Take in sufficient amount of red and orange vegetables and fruits, include in your menu by making fresh juices of carrots, tomatoes, oranges and grapefruits.
Daily in the diet include cereals that can be obtained by eating wholemeal bread. The precursor of melanin is tryptophan, which in large quantities contained in dairy products, figs and beans.
In addition to products for the production of melanin can be used a synthetic analogue of the hormone melanocortin on the trade name "Melanotan-2". But do not use this medicine without the advice of a doctor. The remedy the doctor prescribes not only to increase the level of melanin, but also as a drug that reduces appetite, reduces body fat in problem areas, and to prevent melanoma, resulting from a lack of melanin.