You will need
  • computer with the ability to connect to the camera
  • - Microsoft Office Picture Manager from Microsoft Office
  • Optional:
  • program Paint.NET or any other graphic editor
Any known and available method to transfer the photo/picture in the computer and save anywhere on your hard drive.
To increase the brightness of the picture use one of two methods.
Method The First. You will need the program Microsoft Office Picture Manager from Microsoft Office.
1. Open desired image in the program. This can be done by clicking on the file with right mouse click and selecting "Open with...".
Tip: If you have Microsoft Office Picture Manager is installed by default to view files, then simply double-click on the picture to open it in the program.
2. Look on the toolbar icon "Edit picture" or select the image menu – Brightness and contrast...
The right pane opens the settings.
3. Use the "Select brightness" to let the program choose the best settings. If you're not satisfied, you can undo the button.
Adjust the brightness of the picture, bringing it to optimal in your opinion level, using five different sliders. The program Microsoft Office Picture Manager allows you to raise/lower the brightness and contrast of the picture as a whole and to adjust these parameters separately for light or dark parts of the picture.
The Second Way. You will need any image editor. For example, a free program Paint.NET capabilities which is quite wide.
1. Open desired image in the program. This can be done by selecting the program menu "File" item "Open..." or by simply dragging with the mouse the file from the folder into the program.
2. To edit the overall brightness of images with the help of this program you will be able in several ways. Select the menu "Adjustment" one of the following:
- Brightness/Contrast. Here you will be able to increase the overall brightness of the picture.
- Hue/Saturation. The item "Brightness" in this submenu makes the picture brighter overall.
- Autorun. Perhaps the program will be able to improve your pictureand you are satisfied with the result.
Curves. This menu is intended for experienced users and allows you to make significant adjustments to the lighting/shading of the picture or pictures. You can try to deal with your own.
Tip: you Can apply a few points of the above at the same time to achieve the desired effect.