Skin lightening age spots are different in price and quality. Some of them are used for prevention, others are specifically aimed at resolving the problem of pigmentation.

Optimal brightening

Means "Orquid Vital" from " is not included in the rating top-5 of bleaching creams, but nevertheless, loved by many women in their 40s. Light serum in a bottle with dispenser not only lightens freckles and age spots, and restores skin cells, thanks to their composition of Orchid extract. In addition, the Foundation attracts the price – it costs only about 20$. A little more expensive "Age Re-Perfect Pro-Calcium" from L'oreal - 24$. The cream enriches the skin with calcium, thereby increasing its tone. White Detox from Biotherm and Yves Rocher ADN" at the price about the same. Their cost ranges from 50-60$. Products stimulate the production of melanin, promote metabolism of skin cells and promote skin tissue. These creams, lightens dark spots, undoubtedly worthy of attention, although the best and are not considered.

Five of the best whitening agents

Every Mature woman should learn the top 5 bleaching creams to choose the product of your liking.

1. Opens a list of cream for$ 100 "Performance Anti-taches" by Chanel. Exclusive agent developed in the lab Endormeline Chanel, brightens even the very Mature and dark skin. Included in the extract of bulbs of Narcissus, licorice extract and a stabilized ascorbic acid, make the formula a powerful tool in the fight against hyperpigmentation.

2. In fourth place, oddly enough, less expensive cream, Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector from Clinique. It costs a little more than 80$, but it works in a million. Unique antioxidant formula on the skin creates a barrier that protects it from the adverse effects of UV filters. In addition, the product is hypoallergenic and completely safe.

3. Absolutely deserved the best creams against age spots got the cure for Helena Rubinstein - "Prodigy Age Spot Reducer". This product is undoubtedly worth the one hundred and twenty dollars for him to give. The cream not only rejuvenates and brightens, but also prevents the appearance and deepening of new pigment spots. With this tool are not afraid to sunbathe and 50 years.

4. Cream SPF 12-Temps Majeur" from Yves Saint Laurent takes the second place in this ranking. It protects the skin from alpha and beta rays, restoring the contour of the oval. Its price is 180$.

5. A truly Royal product "White Orchidée Impériale" by Guerlain will give the skin a feeling of softness, incredible smoothness and deep hydration. The white Orchid extract removes pigmentation without a trace. The only drawback of this cream is its price – about$ 500.

To look attractive at any age, is to use quality cosmetics. Manufacturers of bleaching creams have created quite a wide price range so that every woman could afford to be elegant.