Advice 1: How to learn to allocate the main thing in the text

Ability to work with text, you need not only the students sitting at their desks, but also for adults, especially those who are on duty faced with documents.
How to learn to allocate the main thing in the text
In each text there are main and secondary. The ability to identify the main can help to shorten the text document by 50%.

Strong positions of the text

To learn written – so first of all to understand what was going on in the text, to grasp its essence. Easier to remember and understand the main and most important than the text as a whole. Remember that any text has multiple "strong" positions. First is the heading, and the subheadings under them. Do not ignore the position of the text, as in the title logically is imposed the basic, what will be discussed in the text. This is the first step to understanding the main ideas of the text. Second, the beginning of the text is important for the disclosure of his main thoughts.

Looking for the main

In expanded texts can be realized not just one but several thoughts. But among them it is necessary to find and isolate the main. For this, you should read the text carefully, slowly, with pencil in hand, marking as you go is important, in your opinion, words, phrases. In the opinion of the teacher Kamensky, the original attitude of thoughtful reading improves its digestibility several times. When re-reading when meaning is written for you already cleared, a list of key words and phrases should be slightly reduced, about 5 times.

Then you should raise the question: which of the highlighted phrases to Express the most essence of writing, the main idea of the text, its theme. And those few words and perhaps just one phrase that will remain with you, and will be the core of the text you're looking for. To check the correctness of their conclusions, try to isolate you deploy the phrase. If you get a text similar to the original, then you are right.

Also to check, whether correctly you understood the meaning of the text, see end of text. This is the third "strong" position of the text along with the header and the beginning of the test. It also should not be ignored, it will help you to isolate the main thing.

Help finding the main ideas in the text will have a plan. It may consist of several paragraphs. Their number may be equal to the number of paragraphs in the text. Because a paragraph is a logical division of the text on microtomy.

The ability to identify in the text the main thing – an important component of intelligence. Such a skill be sure to purchase. Practice on the selection of the main text not only in school lessons or work, but also when reading Newspapers, magazines and books.

Advice 2: How to learn to ignore

If you are prone constantly to respond to insults in your address, listen to the demotivating remarks and attacks of others, to see the film, you may find it useful to acquire some skills ignore what is happening. How not to pay attention to what is frustrating and has a devastating effect on a life?
How to learn to ignore
Keep your own goals in life and go about your business. As a rule, busy people rarely pay attention to the carping and resentment of others. They have no time to join in the altercation, and their thoughts are very different.
Don't fight the problem, and learn to live with it. Even if you are extremely tactful and polite always, rudeness from others can not be avoided.
Don't talk to striker, and answer in monosyllables of Yes or no. If you can't reduce communication to a minimum – go.
Engaging in bad communication, think: "Why am I doing this? I want to get from this?" It is unlikely that the response to worsen mood will spur you to continue to do this useless thing.
If you tend constantly to save others at the expense of yourself, think about what such a sacrifice? The world will not disappear if you are going to defend their interests, even through time.
To help people is very good, especially when they appreciate your concern. But what will happen in a few years? Who will solve your problem but yourself?
Try to spend more time on yourself and your goals and objectives. If no plan, what they need is to come up with.
Pay attention to the pros. If others think you are good enough to achieve your goal, consider this. Become stronger and better. Get ready harder. You will definitely get the desired.
Learn to understand the situation. Remember that we are in others what we cannot accept in ourselves.
Understand that we have any quality that exists in the world. But every man is in certain proportions. And if at me good, this is what's wrong with the quality of the interlocutor?
Laugh at the situation or treat it lightly. If the penalty cannot be avoided, then I wouldn't worry about it. Calm come new useful ideas.
Less likely to see negative transfer and bad news. Humanity tends to focus on negative events because of their emotion. Look for the positive! Listen to happy music, watch a Comedy, socialize with positive. And then your life will become brighter and more enjoyable!
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