The reasons for the appearance of age spots many. It may be hormonal changes, e.g. pregnancy or during menopause, the effects of skin damage (burns), various skin inflammation. Sometimes spots can appear after the use of irritating creams, ointments or perfumed water. With the appearance of age spots it is better to consult a dermatologist to find out the cause of their appearance and in accordance with this, to begin treatment.
People who are prone to pigmentation, you should refrain from ultraviolet rays. Before leaving home, in Sunny weather and even in winter, it is necessary to use protective cream. In the sunlight even almost invisible spots darken and it becomes much harder to get rid of them.
If spots appear quite often, it is necessary to pay attention to diet. Should eat foods containing vitamins a, C and PP: greens, carrots, apricots, tomatoes etc. you Can also take vitamin complex containing these elements, 2-3 courses per year.
If spots appeared during pregnancy, the use of whitening products should be treated with caution. Many of them in their composition contain elements of mercury, which can adversely affect fetal development. Therefore, pregnant and nursing women removal of pigmentation you can use lemon juice or sauerkraut juice before applying day cream. Some plants also have a bleaching effect. These include yarrow, bearberry, licorice, parsley.
Professional beauticians offer a few options for removing age spots. A chemical method involves removal of the top layer of skin using fruit acids, the result is the new cells which are completely devoid of pigmentation. In some cases, use of laser resurfacing of the face or photorejuvenation. These procedures not only contribute to the disappearance of age spots, but with their help, it is renewal of the skin, increases its tone.