To start is to learn: if you eat balanced and your body gets all the necessary substances, the problems with the production of melanin you have should arise. It is therefore extremely important to eat a balanced and to include in your diet as many vitamins. With this end will do a great job eating sufficient amounts of fruits and vegetables of different colors.
Melanin production can be stimulated by eating certain foods. So, to maintain the level of melanin has a good effect vitamin B. Especially B10, namely para-amino-benzoic acid. As soon as the body begins to get a dose of ultraviolet light, this substance begins to actively help the production of melanin, which protects skin from sun burn. Find a vitamin B10 in liver, grains, cereals, wholemeal bread.
There is another acid that is a precursor of melanin in the body. It's called tyrosine, and is contained in beef or pork liver, different varieties of fish, red meat. Increasing the dose of tyrosine in the body, you stimulate a faster production of melanin.
To make your tan became brighter, can not do without vitamins A, E and C. In large quantities they are contained in beta-carotene and carotene, both substances are rather easy to find in carrots, tomatoes. The use of these vegetables in fresh form and in the form of juice (with a small addition of fat, such as olive oil, without which the body can not assimilate carotene and beta-carotene) is the best impact on the production of melanin by the body.
To stimulate melanin production, it is recommended to eat soy products, beans, nuts, dates. The fact that they contain another melanin precursor - tryptophan. Also, this substance is found in peanuts and bananas, where, in addition to tryptophan, still contains the above mentioned tyrosine.
Help the transition of tryptophan and tyrosine into melanin with the help of copper and mineral salts. These substances are contained in exotic seafood, such as oysters, liver and cocoa or chocolate.