First, decide for yourself which way you want it to do. The most harmless is the visual.
Often to increase the size of the head visually using the hairstyle. Review the magazines for hairdressers, directory of hair styles to choose the most appropriate model. Hair should be lush.
Do yourself a trial hair. Lift the roots with a hair dryer while styling, curl hair rollers, lock the curls varnish. But be careful: a small head with a very lush hairstyle will seem even smaller.
If you are unable to carry out the above yourself, call a beauty salon for a qualified hairdresser or stylist. They will help you choose the right hairstyle.
Please note the wearing of fake glasses. Some models can visually expand the face, respectively, the head will appear larger. Specialist in optics will help you find the right rim, and perhaps you will advise her stylist.
Change the style of clothing. Need expert advice for proper selection of clothing with a certain sizeω and the shape of the neckline, the right shoulder line.
Avoid large patterns and elements in clothes, big accessories and jewelry. Surrounded by a large head will look small. Instead of large beads wrap around the neck a light airy scarf.
Wear hats, adds volume to the head. In the cold season it can be hats with folds, creases, etc. In the warm season wearing light beret small volume, with a small figure. Also wear light strips-bandages volumetric textures, spiky hair create extra volume.
If there is a serious psychological problem of the small head, contact a specialist in plastic surgery. Perhaps he will take over the operation on the introduction under the skin of the head is silicone. But remember that it is very dangerous to health.