You will need
  • This type of benefit can be issued to obtain within six months from the date of birth of the child, having a simple set of documents.
  • 1. The statement addressed to your supervisor.
  • 2. Help f-24 issued by the local registry office.
  • 3. Birth certificate of the child + copy.
  • 4. Help that second parent at their place of work, this benefit is not received.
When both parents are officially employed, it is necessary to determine who among them will get the benefit at their place of work. On this basis, should be requested in the accounting Department a certificate stating that one parent benefit is not received. That is, if it is decided that the Handbook draws to itself the wife, the husband's place of work requests a certificate that he is a benefit is not received. In the case when one parent does not work, then this certificate can be obtained from the local authority social protection of the population. Its preparation takes three to five working days.
A statement from the hospital in which the date of birth of the child, gender and other information, as well as the passports of both parents are required to contact the local registry office to receive two documents: reference f-24 the child's birth and birth certificate. Please note that at the time of appeal to the Registrar's office need to decide on a baby name, which is entered in the birth certificate and the passport of the parents. In this case, if the husband and the wife, being married, have different last names, go to the Registrar's office will have both of them. The fact that the workers of the institution should not be a doubt, what name is decided to give the child. If the spouses have the same surname, to make these documents may one of your passport and spouse's passport. No additional authorization is required. Help f-24 and birth certificate of the child issued in your presence on the day of treatment.
Once the documents listed above will be added to the certificate of employment of spouse should contact the accounting Department at their place of work. It is necessary to write the application addressed to the Director with a request for the calculation and payment of lump sums on a birth of the child to the applicant. At the end of statements in order, list which documents you attach to it: help f-24, birth certificate, proof of employment of the spouse. By law, the benefit must be accrued and paid within 10 working days from the date of submission of the application and related documents.