The first thing you need to get a sick note. It will be given to consultations, where pregnant is on account of, for the period of 30 weeks. In the case where in addition to the main place of work, the future mom works part time (and decorated according to the Labor code) will be given additional sick leave.

A leave of absence for pregnancy and childbirth may be a woman who adopted a newborn child (or children). In this case, the sick leave certificate is issued in hospital where the baby was born.
If the light of the expected emergence of one child, the maternity leave is 70 days before childbirth and 70 after. In multiple pregnancies, the time increases to 84 and 110 days respectively. In the case when during childbirth there were complications or the baby was born by caesarean section, maternity leave will be 86 days.
The woman who adopted one child, is entitled to 70 days maternity leave, which is calculated from the day of birth of the baby. If the adopted kids, two or more, vacation and maternity leave increased to 110 days.
Sick leave (in the case of adoption — the birth certificate) are to be submitted to the personnel Department and write the application addressed to the head of the company. In the second case, you should attach the court decision on adoption of a child, or a copy, a certificate of employment of husband that it is not granted this type of leave. To calculate the benefit, the employer is obliged within 10 days after submission of the required documents.
The allowance for pregnancy and childbirth is 100% of average earnings. According to the amendments introduced to the law at the end of 2010, to calculate the average daily earnings take the amount assessed for the previous 2 years. This amount is divided by 730 (number of days), and there is a maximum threshold — the average daily wage cannot be more than 1137р. (2010).
If during these two years my mother was in holiday on care of the child, then she shall be entitled to replace the relevant year, if so the amount of the benefit increase.
In addition, until January 1, 2013, you can choose the calculation under the old scheme, when average daily earnings were taken only one year prior to the decree.