You will need
  • statement on granting of the benefit, certificate of employment of the other parent, indicating that his benefit is not appointed or paid, a certificate of birth (form No. 24).
To receive a one-time benefit at child birth at the place of work of one of the parents of the child is filled in with the statement for granting of the allowance. The application must be addressed to the Director of the enterprise, it is the certificate of birth and a certificate of employment of the other spouse, indicating that this allowance was not paid to him and not appointed.
If the other parent does not work a document from the District Department of social protection of population (hereinafter RUSZN) that he had not received the Handbook. Single mothers must also submit a certificate from the registry office on the basis of entry in birth certificate information about the father of the child.
If both parents do not work, the application for lump sum benefit has to be filed in RUSZN at the place of residence of one of the parents. Along with the application a certificate about birth, and employment record, document confirming their identity (passport), proof of birth form No. 24, stating that the other parent is on benefits newborn had received.
If the experience of work with no parents, provided their certificates or diplomas. If the parents are still learning, they are required to provide to the school a certificate from the Dean's office confirming their student status full-time education and a certificate from the school the other parent that his allowance was not appointed or paid.
10 days after submission of all necessary documents, you are required to pay in. It is paid if you asked him not later than six months after the birth of a child.
The allowance is granted and adopted children, if the period of their birth did not exceed 6 months. Financial assistance the employee can provide the employer. In this case, the employee has the right together with the application for lump sum benefit at birth of a child to file the application for lump-sum material aid.