You will need
  • The sick list of the established sample, the certificate on statement on the account on early terms of pregnancy, the application for leave.
In order to go on maternity leave at 30 weeks of pregnancy contact your antenatal clinic. Visit a gynecologist who will give you a certificate confirming the pregnancy. Ask the doctor or the receptionist, where in the clinic can get sick leave.
Don't forget to take a gynecologist certificate on statement on the account on early terms of pregnancy, if you actually stood on the account in the period to 12 weeks. Make sure to put all the necessary printing. This document will give you the right to receive a lump sum payment. The amount it small, but to neglect it is still not worth it.
You should contact your antenatal clinic, who oversees the discharge of sick leave. Give him a certificate from a gynecologist, a passport, obligatory medical insurance policy, insurance pension certificate. As a rule, for the issue of sick leave requires a certain amount of time. You may get it in a few days.
After receipt of sick leave, refer to the owner of the firm or in the accounting Department. Give them this document and certificate on statement on the account on early terms of pregnancy.
Do not forget to write the application on granting of leave for pregnancy and childbirth with payment of all benefit entitlements. In the statement specify that you also need to pay benefits associated with the production of up to 12 weeks of pregnancy, if any help is available.
A new baby please contact the accounting Department at the place of work, a statement on the provision of one-time Federal and regional benefits for the birth of the child. Don't forget to show all necessary documents. You will need a certificate of the established sample issued in a nursing home, as well as proof of employment of the father of the baby that he had received these payments.
Simultaneously with the submission of documents for issuance of Federal and regional textbooks, write a statement of grant of leave to care for a child up to 1.5 years if you need it. Throughout this time, the employer is obliged to pay you 40% of the established average monthly wage.