They are paid by the social insurance Fund. The mechanism of their registration and payment is well established. Working people can prepare all the documents at the place of work. For this purpose, the personnel Department and the accounting Department will need to provide:
- certificate from the registry office about a birth of the child (it is issued on the basis of the certificate of birth from the hospital);
- a certificate stating that the spouse has not received this benefit at the place of work;
- copy of birth certificate;
- statement on appointment of monthly and lump sum benefits.
Unemployed citizens give the documents to the local social security authorities (Department or the Department of social protection of the population). The following documents are required:
- parents ' passports and their copies;
- birth certificate of the child;
- information about family members confirming your registration;
- certificate from the registry office about a birth of the child, issued on the basis of a statement from the hospital;
- certificate of employment of father that he did not receive the benefit (if father is not working from bodies of social protection at the place of registration);
- extract from the labor book, military card, certificate from educational institution or another document containing information about the last job;
- the account number in the Bank or copy of passbook, which lists the benefits;
- a statement in which you are asked to assign payment of benefits.
Certain categories of people can apply for other benefits for children. This:
- low-income families;
- large families;
- citizens, exposed to radiation owing to accident on the Chernobyl NPP;
- single mothers;
- families of servicemen or law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty;
- the children of the military men passing military service;
- children with disabilities.
All these benefits are issued in the local bodies of social protection of the population. The documents are generally similar:
- parents ' passports and their copies;
- birth certificates of children and their copies;
- statement on the appointment of payments;
- extract from the personal account or business books;
- certificate of income or proof of lack of employment;
- documents proving exemption;
- personal Bank accounts for transferring benefits.