No need to wait for the evening to congratulate your other half. Start with the morning, having prepared a beautiful Breakfast in bed. You can make regular eggs or vegetable stew, but to put them in the shape of a heart and write a nice sauce and tender words on the plate. Entertainment can be continued viewing of joint photos and search romantic notes around the apartment.
Significant day can be crowned by the traditional candlelight dinner, smoothly flowing into a night of love and romance. Create an intimate atmosphere: dim lights, scented candles, soft relaxing music. Treat your man with own hand prepared favorite dishes.
To celebrate a month of relationship , you can March into a restaurant. Order of musicians, a beautiful bouquet of flowers, a special menu and entertainment, you pleasantly surprise your girl into the heart. A small gift will be a beautiful finishing touch in a series of unexpected surprises.
Month relationships can be marked by new emotions - skydiving, diving, Hiking in the mountains with overnight in a tent, climb to the rooftop of the highest building in your city where you can drink wine, spread out a blanket and dream, looking at the night sky. Basic principle: everything you do together must bring you pleasure.
Even a small round date is another reason to once again confess to one another in love. Imagination is where carousing: you can sing a Serenade under a window, to write a passionate recognition on the pavement, to place on the banner in the center of the city, record favorite girl song, or congratulate her on the radio.
Remember that you make the occasion not for celebration. Don't expect anything special from this day to not be upset and disappointed. The important thing is that you love each other, and the celebration and good mood will find you.