Advice 1: How to mark six months child

The first six months of life crumbs filled with parents responsible, sometimes difficult, but very happy moments. The celebration of this mini-anniversary, spend a fun and memorable one, staging a celebration for the birthday boy, himself and those closest to you.
How to mark six months child
You will need
  • balloons;
  • - coloured cardboard;
  • - photographs of the child;
  • glue;
  • - scissors;
  • - tight threads.
Six-month-old baby begins to explore the world and becoming more inquisitive. This time well suited to gather in the house of relatives and friends. The number of guests depends on your desire, however it is not recommended to invite more than 5-7 people. A noisy crowd can scare the kid, not having much experience in communicating with strangers.
Try to plan the event without disrupting the daily routine of the baby. Celebration it is better to organize the day as evening gatherings can negatively affect the falling asleep of the baby, and a plethora of new experiences at night will make sleep restless.
Since the main diet of the birthday child is breast milk or formula, he will not be able to participate in the festive meal. A selection of festive snacks. Try serving meals in accordance with the meeting. Don't forget the beautiful cake that you can order or make your own.
Of course, no celebration is complete without gifts. For 6-month-old baby a great surprise will be colorful the great pyramids or music books with a moderate sound. If you want to give the child something special, buy a set of wooden dolls. It is with great pleasure to open them, finding new figures. This exciting activity promotes the development of fine motor skills.
Decorate a room colorful balloons. Rest assured, they will not leave your child indifferent. Interesting gift for baby and parents can become memorable train photos from birth to six months. Cut out rectangular frames of thick colored cardboard and place them in various photo moments from the life of the baby. Stick to every received carriage wheels and seal them with thick thread. Hang a locomotive on the wall so that guests could get acquainted with your creation. By the way, this composition can be supplemented with new photos of the first birthday of the baby.

Advice 2: How to pump for six months

Men are often dissatisfied with their physical form, so the question is, how to build muscle, torturing many. However, for most the desire to have a beautiful figure remains just a wish. To build good muscles, you need to seriously and regularly to the gym. The minimum time for the appearance of the result is 5-6 months.
How to pump for six months
You will need
  • - expert advice on fitness;
  • - exercises with a barbell;
  • - high protein diet;
  • - drink plenty of liquids;
  • - rest between workouts.
Before you start training, determine your body type. Each of them requires a slightly different approach, both in food and in the classroom. Although, of course, the basic principles of muscle gain are the same.
Do not attempt to draw up a training program yourself. So that the muscles grow quickly, you need a competent approach to the organization of loads. It is better to spend a little money on the professional advice of a fitness instructor, than to waste time and money on useless classes.
Three times a week, work out in the gym. Strength training is necessary for both men and women. It is training with a weight cause muscle growth.
Do not attempt to lift weights in isolation. It will take you too much time. Train the biggest muscle groups: a wide back, chest?, biceps, glutes, abs, quads. They form a beautiful athletic silhouette.
Work with free weights. Exercises with a barbell allow you to simultaneously involve all major muscle groups. In addition, they are forced to work the growth hormone. This will reduce the time of training.
Be sure to include in your workout deadlift, bench press bar from chest and squats. These exercises cause maximum muscle growth and are called basic.
Perform basic exercises under the supervision of a partner or instructor, at least at first. Their efficiency is very high, but depends on proper technique.
Don't forget that for active growth, the muscles need to relax. The more intense the load, the longer should be the rest. Make sure to do stretching exercises. They increase the force component by 19%.
Try to increase the load by increasing the weight of the projectile, and not by the number of repetitions or reduce the breaks between sets.
Drink more water. Muscles are made of it by 80%, so dehydration leads to loss of muscle mass. Not accidentally, the process of reduction of muscles called "drying".
Your muscles need protein for growth. The best source of protein are meat and fish. If you have problems with excess weight, give preference to Turkey meat. It has less total fat and protein, almost 50% of the total weight. The most useful of grains – buckwheat.

Advice 3: How to get married in six months

Not all women prefer to wait for her betrothed for many years. It so happens that the desire to change their social status and become a wife is so strong that the woman has taken a lot of effort to get married urgently, for example, for over six months.
How to get married in six months
First you need to expand your social circle. If it is limited to colleagues and relatives, married friends, it is very difficult to find a candidate for the role of her future husband. Force yourself to entertain in public places rather than at home in front of the TV with a book or on the Internet. To online Dating is that a lot of people thus found their second half. There is nothing wrong. And men there are much more than in the agencies, and the atmosphere is much more relaxed. The main thing for you is to try to make their relationship as real as possible.
Consider what concessions you're willing to do in future relationships. What are you willing to endure for the sake of a treasured stamp in the passport. Do you agree to my husband's older? Want to learn another language and move? Then you should expand the geography of search and get acquainted with foreign men. There are so many women who have failed to arrange their personal lives at home, finds successful suitors in other countries. The key to success – good knowledge of the language and an attractive appearance. If the goal is to marry in six months, consider only the grooms Europeans, American and Australian candidates really taking their time. Decide on time and what you from a small town with a predominantly female population, does not hurt you to organize your personal happiness. The main thing is to be realistic and evaluate your chances. And don't try to lay claim to the Prince on a white Mercedes, if your appearance and education are average. Your desire to get married as fast as possible not allow you long to sort out the options. But the choice should be in correspondence work not less than with three men at the same time.
Try to choose a time. Ideal for fun and relaxation time when married people celebrate family occasions. In those days, single men are thinking about a serious relationship. And they can more easily lure in a network of marriage. So do not lose time and start to realize his dream.
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