To start with the place where you will celebrate your little holiday. Not necessarily that it was a restaurant, however, if you chose it, make sure in advance about how to book a table. Otherwise, half of your festive evening you can spend running from one restaurant to another in the search space.
If you want to spend the day is unusual – creative imagination. Depending on the time of year in this day, you can go on a picnic, or take a thermos of mulled wine or hot tea and go play in the snow. Very romantic will be meeting that day in the cafe where you had your first date.
You can go on weekends to another town, try paragliding, go for a swim on a boat on the river – it all depends on your imagination. However, in the pursuit of uniqueness do not forget about the interests and Hobbies of its second half. If she's calm, risk-averse people should not celebrate the month of your relationship a jump from the bridge rope, and a man who loves animals, should not be invited on the hunt.
If the event involves festive costumes, it is better to let the your half in advance. For example, if a nicely dressed young man met his tired girlfriend, returning from work wearing casual clothes and taking her to the theater, a girl can get confused and upset that her outfit does not match the place. And your evening will be spoiled.
It will be good if the young man and girl make each other gifts. Not worth it for a month relationship to present expensive gifts, rings, and declarations of eternal love. It is better to please each other with a small but chosen with the soul of things. It can be a handmade scarf, an interesting necklace, a handy Notepad. Young people do not forget the flowers – the vast majority of girls they like.
If your friends are celebrating a month of their relationship, you can also make them enjoyable and to congratulate them on their important date for them. If the couple is not going to celebrate this day in a large company, stick to verbal compliments, or send email funny card. It is not necessary in this day to wish them the appearance of children and a happy family life, remember that they just started Dating. But lovers will be pleased to hear from you, what wonderful people they are and how they fit together.