Optionally wait for the evening to congratulate his mate with such important date. Prepare the surprise that your favorite (favorite) will be able to find in the morning, it will create a festive mood for the whole day. For example, decorate the room so many balls, how many months you've been together. To each attach a note – for you its love. Or prepare a romantic Breakfast – coffee, toast, fruit. Even a simple fried eggs, fried in the shape of a heart, tell your spouse about many things. You can write on the pavement in the sacred words (preferably chalk) or draw a festive poster. In the evening try to dilute traditional dinner viewing photos, symbolic gifts or cards or even joint showering. You can climb to the roof, drink wine, spread out a blanket, dance to your favorite tune. And launch into the sky the same balls that morning adorned the room.
To mark the anniversary out of town. Here the opportunities galore, regardless of the time of year! Walking under the moon, swings, bathing, weaving wreaths! You can collect your commemorative herbarium of the favorite wildflowers, to treat each other with strawberries. If your vacation home is by the sea – here even to think of anything superfluous it is not necessary: a bottle of wine, drunk under the whisper of the waves, and you, wrapped in one blanket. If the anniversary falls in the winter months, make your pair of snow, sledding, make honey massage in the bath, or to cook traditional Russian tea drinking with samovar and bagels. And so that you can pour from a samovar – you decide.
Often couples in this day we go to the restaurant. But here you can highlight the festive occasion: order your musicians, who will play only for you a special menu when your gift can bring the waiter with your order. If you booked a private enclosed booth or room – dance or sing yourself. This surprise definitely will long be remembered.
And can be pre-developed scenario to each moment (especially if the anniversary falls on a weekend) you could dedicate each other. Search for "treasure" (well, of course, the main treasure is you) note with words of love, comic making points – of hearts that in the end of the night can be exchanged for a gift. The most important thing is to this day always felt your love, care and attention.