Keep from the temptation to make a favorite test in the spirit of "remember it's about what day it is". Even if he forgot about the upcoming date, it does not mean that he refers to disregard your relationship. So you remind him about what is expected ahead of the big day, and discuss among themselves, how would you like to spend it. Offers suggestions and listen carefully to the partner, and soon you will be able to find the optimal solution.
You can go to a cafe or restaurant. A light dinner, few glasses of wine and nice music I want to dance, it is easy to make you giddy and set up romantic. Better to give preference to a cozy restaurant with a pleasant atmosphere and unobtrusive music, which does not prevent you to enjoy the conversation and whisper passionate words of love.
If there is a desire to give the partner a surprise, you can organize a tender and laced with romance dinner for two all entitlements attributes – candles, hearts, passionate love confessions and kisses. It is not necessary to prepare many tasty and nutritious dishes (you can show your beloved what you mistress another time), is enough fruit, chocolate, seafood, cheese and meat (if your partner can't imagine a vegetarian meal). Be sure to pre-pick the music, best of sensual, lyrical composition, as well as those tunes that have become special for the two of you.
And it is possible to depart from the usual stereotypes and to spend the day differently. Consider to go out of town, closer to nature, at the same time of the year does not matter. To rain or a sudden cold can't catch you off guard, clear the house at a nice recreation center (many of them work not only in the summer) and spend time enjoying each other's company. Let's take a look at the moon and stars and make a wish (only for two), listen to the wind noise or the sound of rain on the roof. You can also organize the gala dinner directly on the base (in the room or under the open sky), it is likely you will have to arrange everything in advance and bring provisions with them (but just in case will specify in the selected resting place, are there for cooking).
For lovers of extreme sports there are many great ways to celebrate six months of relationship – for example, a date on the roof or skydiving, scuba diving or ride off – road today, you can choose for every taste.
Don't forget the presents. You can give a loved one a good perfume, beautifully packaged album combines photos, a warm sweater (which will warm it as much as your love). Gifts you can think of a great many, the main thing that they were given from the heart, with love and tenderness.