Use traditional ways to create a romantic mood. After all the birthday of your loved one is ready to fulfill all your desires. Agree with him about going to a cafe or restaurant, or ask him to organize a gala dinner by candlelight. On this day, you can afford to feel like a Queen – Moody, mysterious and unpredictable. Try to add more sensuality and experiment with flavors or ask the guy to do erotic massage.
It is best to advance to hint that you would like to receive as a gift. For a young person, as a rule, the choice of gift for girls is a very serious problem. If you do not want to be disappointed standard trinket, help him to find what you currently need most. However, if the gift you are not particularly happy, don't show your disappointment. In any case, the young man struggled trying to please you.
If the traditional activities don't suit you, arrange joint travel. Do not have to go far, a simple picnic or a hike on local attractions to diversify your pastime, and will allow you to retire from the busy urban society.
Use for converting your old mutual dreams. If you, for example, long wanted to visit a sushi bar or a night club now seems a good time. New impressions of unusual entertainment will make the occasion memorable and will strengthen your love.
For unusual people the most suitable option of festival – extreme entertainment. If the time of year and local conditions, make the night joint swimming in the lunar path, climb the mountain peak or even try yourself in skydiving. After all, with the one you love is nothing to fear, and experienced a joint adventure quickly make you family and indispensable for each other.