The idea choice of a holiday depends on your desires and interests, budget, time of year and extent of your freedom. If you both work and there is no way to escape on vacation for a few days, the anniversary of the wedding will have to be noted on the spot or to postpone the celebration until a more convenient time.
For very busy, but love to sit at home people have a special wedding scenario in the malls. For example, you can go to the sauna with a swimming pool and akvaparkos, treat yourself to Spa treatments, to exercise, to play bowling or billiard balls to roll, dine in the candlelit restaurant, and then to rise in the festively decorated room with a double bed.
Original way to spend the day, enrolling in some kind of mystical excursion for the night. Such events are held in many major cities. If you're lucky, you'll see ghosts, or ghosts but guaranteed you will hear many fascinating stories that will allow you to see your city from an unusual perspective.
You can go for a romantic ride on horseback or to go to the karting club and to organize a competition for speed and agility driving. And if it is winter, try to get into the woods and go skiing or rent sledges and master steep descents in the Park. It does not look like a banal output, bring champagne, chocolates and fruit, cook for each other surprise gifts and arrange a photo shoot.
I want to enjoy the day together? Take the car and travel for two or three days on the Gold ring. Explore the wonderful ancient cities, enjoy nature and anything does not deny: buy what you want, have fun on the rides, take a seat to rest on green grass, etc. Remember that festive mood you create yourself.
In autumn or early summer, try to go on a trip to Petersburg. This city is charming in any season, but especially in autumn and during the white nights. Order a small boat and take a night time stroll along the Neva river. From the deck you can endlessly admire the surrounding beauty, the lights of the beautiful city. And when you're tired, go down to the bar, where candles and waiting sofas...
Spend a rural holiday. If you have the opportunity, go to the village to stay with relatives and go do something in town have no idea. For example, wander through the fields, milk a cow, ride horses, weave the wreaths from wildflowers in the morning or go to the forest to pick mushrooms. Swim together naked in the river. And at night you can go to the barn.
To celebrate its anniversary, you can, inviting her closest friends to a picnic in the woods. Instead of the usual barbecue cook goose or duck with apples, take a delicious homemade cake. Bake on the coals the potatoes, boil tea from herbs or even brought coffee in a nonstandard environment familiar things lose their dullness, and you'll find this very romantic. The main thing is not the weather turned bad. But in this case, you need to be thought out fallback scenario.
It is interesting to note the anniversary on the boat. If any of your friends, fine. And you can advance to go driving school (together), to get the appropriate license and then rent a boat at least a week and have a great time with friends.
If you are experiencing financial difficulties and want to celebrate your anniversary on a large scale, you can go on a honeymoon - in an interesting city, to the sea, Savannah or tropical, as you like.